Is Brad Womack still single after numerous girlfriends and two appearances on the dating show, The Bachelor?

April 4, 2016
First Published On: April 4, 2016

Is Brad Womack still single after numerous girlfriends and two appearances on the dating show, The Bachelor? Let me remind you about his relationship.

As you know, Brad has dated many ladies and also has appeared twice in the dating show ‘The Bachelor’, yet he could not get a love shot. Poor Brad.

Well it must be true some handsome people can go out of luck too.

Guys! To deal with the relationship status of Brad, we have to take a walk down the late to some years back.

Brad gave the glimpse of his appearance in the 11th season of the show ‘The Bachelor’. That was the particular day when you do not need to be a contestant to be one of the bachelors. Brad was clever enough to spring himself into the show. Hmm… he really knows to have a dance in a chance.

Even though Brad got to pair up with two hot finalists Jenni Croft and DeAnna Pappas in the show, he did not choose any of them. Because of this, he was highly criticized by the public for being nuts and ended up being single. He had to return empty. Oh yeah, whose fault is that?

And you know who wasn’t crazy about his decision? Only himself. He got chased down in social media by public every now and then. However, Brad did try to justify himself.

Brad again found his way back to the show’s 15th season. He might be expecting to find his love and people were expecting him not to do anything stupid like before. Although many People were upset to find the nuts guy back, there were some audience though who utterly supported him.

Well! In 2011, Brad got down on his one knee at the end for none other than his Ex-fiancée Emily Maynard. Oh my!

The two of them initially broke up their engagement while the show was still on air. They really are drama masters. Don’t you think? It is insane that some celebrities do not give even a narrow peak to their love life and some can make live movie out of their relationship.

They again got back together for a short time period after Brad re-proposed her live in the show. However, they again broke up permanently in the May of the same year. They could not be together even for three months after that spice. Yikes!

So that takes us to the end of his second appearance in the show. Then Brad started to search for his love outside the Bachelor Nation. He started dating another hot chic AshLee Frazier. Well think again, is she really out of the Bachelor Nation?

If you rewind you memory back, she had made her own appearance on ‘The Bachelor’ (season 17). Both of them have that common thing being appeared in the show, but that was not enough to tie them up for a life time. People say they might have dated for only a year before they split up.

After 2013, Brad started to hide himself in some dark corner and started to keep his relationship details under the radar.

He might be dating or might not be. Nothing could be said for certainty. However, most of the media calls him a single cheesy guy ready to mingle. If that is true than we keep our fingers crossed and this time we hope he finds his love.