Is Bonnie Bernstein single? What about her affairs and relationship

There are some celebrities who likes to makes their personal life familiar to the public and media whereas there are some celebrities who like to keep their personal life. As the day passes by the people gets more eager to know about the gossips as they hit the news about their favorite celebrities. But here we got another celebrity whose likes to keep her life low profile.

Bonnie Lynn Bernstein aka Bonnie Bernstein, is an American sports journalist and executive who is famous for her works on news networks including MSNBC, NBC, and Fox News Channel. Apart from her career, her personal life doesn't make much of news as she rarely makes public appearances.

Who is Bonnie Bernstein? Know more about her

If you watch the news on ESPN then you will be familiar with the name Bonnie Bernstein. One of the most accomplished female sportscasters in the history of the news world, Bonnie has dedicated years of life to news world.  The  46-year-old TV personality had ups and downs in her life but she never let them out in the media.

But recently Berstein hit the news as she fires back to Tony Romo who have no work experience in the news world. Tony replaced Bonnie fellow worker Phil Simms as  No. 1 analyst, in CBS

Bonnie is Vice president, Content and Band Development, of Campus Insiders, as well as the on-air "face" of the network. Born on August 16, 1970,  Bonnie is also well known for her career in the different news channel.

Bonnie BersteinMoves Magazine Power Women Gala- Red Carpet Arrivals, source: aces

Before getting into the news career, Bonnie spent three years for the local broadcaster but debuted in the news career, as the news and sports director at WXJN-FM radio in Lewes, Delaware.

Berstein first joined ESPN in 1995 as Chicago Bureau Chief, where she covered the news of  Michael Jordan and Chicago Bulls. Later on, she served as a correspondent and field reports for the sports center, Sunday NFL Countdown and much more.

Bonnie Berstein, source:  PBG

After serving ESPN for almost 4 years, she joined another huge sports network CBS in 1998 as the lead sideline reporter for the NCCA Men's Basketball Championships. Back then she covered lots of news including NCCA Women's Gymnastics championship, CBS Emmy-nominated anthology series, tennis, track, horse racing and figure skating.

Apart from his career from the hosting sports news, Bonnie had her hands on radio hosting.  In 2009, she was named co-host and SportsCenter anchor for  The Michael Kay Show on 1050 ESPN Radio in New York.

Bonnie Berstein at ESPN, source: Amazon

In January 2006, she returned back to ESPN as a field reporter for Sunday Night Basketball. Besides ESPN and CBS, Bonnie worked on major on another broadcasting channel including  NBC, MSNBC and Fox News Channel. During her services in ESPN, she left the Michael Kay show and got her own show to host "New York Football Live"

Bonnie Berstein's past affairs and relationship

Bonnie somehow have managed to tuck her personal life. Despite being one of the most successful female sportscasters in America, it's hard to believe that not a single rumors of her dates and affairs reached out to the public.

Some resources have claimed that this beauty has been in a martial relationship twice. The first one with Roy Thornton and the second one with Grant Reynolds. However her both marriages ended up in divorce.

It's hard to digest that, Bonnie is still single for now. If you scroll down the Instagram of her, you will no hints from her about her relationship. You will find pictures of her in vacations and from her work.

But there is a picture her with a kid with a caption spending some time with family.

Apart from this, there are no any pictures of her with other mystery men. You can find some of the pics of her with other men but they are just her fellow workers.

We hope in coming future, Bonnie speaks freely about her relationship.