Is Big Smo Divorced or Still Married? Know about his Messy Divorce Rumors

ElsaPublished on   27 Dec, 2017Updated on   02 May, 2021

Big Smo, real name John Lee Smith, tied the knot with Whitney Deann Smith on after living together for more than a decade.

Rumors have it that they are divorced. Let's know if the rumors verify or not?

Big Smo Finally Got Through His Divorce

Big Smo is a successful songwriter and producer, with his own show his own TV show on A&E. Apart from his professional life, the 41-year-old is a father of three teenage daughters but is he a single father or is sharing his daughters with his partner?

Should we say, sadly or luckily but Smo is single. He was married to Whitney Deann Smith in 2013.

[ CAPTION: Big Smo with his former wife, Whitney Smith ][ SOURCE: Dailyentertainmentnews ]

We are saying lucky as his former wife appeared kind of violent and it's a relief that he got divorced from his second wife.

Guess Big is not so lucky when it comes to marriage, given he went through two failed marriages. According to a source, the My Place singer sent the divorce papers when he was on tour. It was said that,

She hit the roof when she got the divorce papers, she took a shovel out of the garage and started smashing the windows on the vehicles and slashing the tires on the vehicles in the compound.

Whitney was so not expecting those documents from her husband. Also, the 29-year-old was reported to the police after the neighbors noticed abnormal activities in his home. Smith was late admitted to a mental hospital.

[ CAPTION: Big Smo Instagram ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

As a result, Big requested for a Temporary Restraining Order against his wife, stating,

I am scared for my children and my own safety as long as she allowed around us.

The couple was living together on Smo's Kuntry Ranch in Unionville, TN for seven years before finally separating in 2015.

[ CAPTION: Whitney Smith with her former husband Big Smo ][ SOURCE: Facebook ]

Apart from his marital affairs, John is a proud and good father, no doubt in that. The Retox singer shares a lot of time with his beautiful three daughters. Its no secret, you can find the proof, just go to his Instagram posts.

Look how excited and happy he looked at his daughter, Ameria's graduation.

[ CAPTION: Big Smo at his daughter Ameria's graduation ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Recently Big Smo life has turned around. There was a time when his life included smoking weed and drinking in excess. That habit of him finally caught up with big this time. As a result, he had to undergo a heart surgery.

[ CAPTION: Big Smo Instagram ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

After the country rapper's heart surgery turned out victorious, he came to a realization. Now, you won’t see the songwriter and producer doing it, but singing only.

Good Luck with your new life, Big Smo!