Is Baxter Neal Helson currently involved with anybody? What about Tish Cyrus?

Baxter Neal Helson is not a renowned figure in Hollywood.  He is shy in nature. Helson reputation is  in highlight because of his former wife and the familiarity of daughter Miley Cyrus; she is the Hollywood famous singer .

Baxter Neal Helson was her childhood friend and they dated for two years. Their marital life is not good  because Tish Cyrus has affair with Billy Ray. After divorced with Helson, she married with Billy Ray.

Baxter Neal Helson   is a confined drummer in Ashland Kentucky.  He is known as the x-husband of   Tish Cyrus. She is the mother of Miley Cyrus. Tish Cyrus and   Baxter Neal Helson got divorced. They have two children they are Brandi Gleen Helson and Trace Dempsey Cyrus. There is news about his death but he lives near Phoenix, Arizona. Miley Cyrus occasionally met her step-father. But she doesn’t tell anything about her stepfather in social media.

 Tish is producer, actress,  business woman as well as Hollywood celebrity .Her old name was Leticia Jean Finley. She is the successful businesswoman in her career in film industry. She is the young mother of five children with her two marriages.

 Because of his shyness ,he doesn't  give any information in social media so there isn't any picture is find in media.

Cyrus  started her dates with Billy Ray in 1991 and got pregnant and gave birth to Miley Cyrus .They have secret relation with them, they can’t hide their love affair for many years. She and Billy Ray Cyrus got divorced  in 2013. Their relationship is for 17 years.