Is Barry Levinson married? who is his wife and more.

HitBerryPublished on   17 Mar, 2016Updated on   16 May, 2021

Many of his fans may have questions on whether this multi-talented actor, producer, director and screen writer is married or not.

Yes we are talking about the famous star of Hollywood industry Barry Levinson.

It has already been around four decades of his entrance into the Hollywood industry. He is a notable writer who has also acted and directed in many movies and tv shows.

If you are wondering whether this evergreen star is married or bachelor then let us settle this matter. Sorry ladies, Barry is not a bachelor.

According to the reports of IMDB, Levinson has been married to Dianna Rhodes .They have two children together.

However, before Dianna, Barry was married to actress cum writer Valerie Curtin from 1975 to 1982.They began dating while Levinson was working for Oxford Company .After dating for around a decade, Curtin and Barry got hitched in 1975.

They co-wrote …And Justice for All in 1979 and other scripts. Despite good chemistry, the couple could not keep on with their relationship and eventually got separated in 1982. They have no children together.

Shortly after he divorced Valerie, Barry Levinson began dating painter Dianna Rhodes. They met while Levinson was filming his movie, Diner.

IMDB site further reported that Valerie Curtin previously had two children from her previous relationship – Patrick and Michelle Levinson with whom she lived in Baltimore.

After marriage they had two more children Sam Levinson and Jack Levinson. The family is currently residing in their house at Redding, Connecticut.

Born on April 6, 1982 this talented writer has many of his scripts converted into movies. One of his best writings is Diner which MGM bought and with a budget of $5 million, Barry directed.

One of his most ambitious projects, Rain Man has won an Oscar award for best performance by actor Dustin Hoffman.

Besides movies, Levinson has also written, directed, produced and acted in many tv shows.

He is currently working of his movie The Wizard of Lies as a script writer and Executive Producer. Not only that, he is also engaged in television shows Shades of Blue and Killing Fields as Executive producer and writer.

The IMDB Site has revealed that since 1991 Barry has been working on a documentary film based on his friends with whom he grew up in Baltimore in the 1950s.

The site named celebrity net worth has reported that Barry Levinson has a net worth of $150 million dollars.

It has been well known that Levinson is a professional kind of man. He avoids questions on his personal issues and keeps his personal matters away from the limelight.

But not anymore (miffs)!!

We disclosed his marital affairs.

Sorry Barry!! Your fans were really willing to know about your better-half!!