Is Bai Ling single or married? Know her affairs and dating rumors

June 23, 2017
First Published On: June 23, 2017
by HitBerry

The very popular Bai Ling is all the way from China. During her career, she moved to the United States and living there since. The Chinese-American actress is known for her roles in films like The Crow, Red Corner, Anna and the King, and Crank: High Voltage.

Following her journey to success from China to the United States, she is incredible. When it comes to personal life, Bai is not so frank. Today disclose her personal life.

Bai Ling relationships and affairs. Is she dating anyone currently?

Bai Ling does not want to reveal her personal matters to the media. Neither, she updates it in her Instagram account so it’s very hard for us to guess what going on with her. Bai Ling had many relationships before. She is known to be with 7 different men from 1999 to 2009.

Chris Issak and Bai Ling Chris Isaak and Bai Ling  Source: whosdatedwho

Though Bai Ling had many relationship none of them lasted long. She was with Chris Isaak in 1999. Chris is a very popular musician and also an occasional actor. After one year of a relationship, the couple separated without making it a big issue for the media.

Bai was out of the news for a year. Her relationship rumors flew in a market in 2001. She dated Thomas Jane, American Actor. They dated for almost a year and after having hard times in their relationship, they broke up.

Bill Maher, famous comedian was then linked to Bai. She also dated the singer and songwriter, Nick carter but seems like none of them meant forever. Bai really had the hard time finding the one she’s been waiting.

During 2007, Bai marriage rumors took over the media. She had a new man in her life and also planned to marry the New Love in Las Vegas. People assumed the lucky man to be Damon Elliott as she dated him during the time. But the rumors turned out to be false. She did not reveal her thoughts on marriage and we did not see any of her wedding pictures.

Lionel Richie and Mickey Rourke are the last men linked to Bai Ling. Bai is not seen with anyone after 2009. So, we can say she is possibly single and focusing on her career for now.

Sexually abused Bai Ling rolled down to tears

In 2011, Bai talked about how she was sexually abused by a man who plied her with drink and abused her. She revealed it in the last episode of Celebrity Rehab on U.S. television. Bai took the part in the session and broke down to tears.

Bai Ling during the Rehab session Bai Ling during the Rehab session    Source: dailymail

The beautiful actress said, the man made her drunk during a fancy meal and took her to the loft and slept with her while she was a teen. She admitted that she was drunk and did not like to make love with him. She also begged him to take her hospital.

Maybe, that incident had a huge impact on Bai Ling due to which she is not looking forward to a long term relationship.