Is Ato Essandoh dating anyone? What does he look for in a girlfriend?

Many of his fans certainly have a query- Is the handsome hunk Ato Essandon single???

Or is he married???

Or is he in a secret relationship???

First of all, more or less there is really not much information on the private life of Hollywood actor Ato Essandoh. Although he is not a new comer, not much knowledge has been gained on his private issues. It is because this actor is a professional man.

But ladies, don't panic.

We have got some reports on his life which claims Ato to be single at the moment and not dating anyone.

Ladies, did you hear that???

The 43 year old handsome is not in a relationship list right now. No way!!! Neither on who's dated who and other relationship sites nor in any gossip news.

According to the media, the actor was in a relationship during his college times. This girl has a notable mark on Ato's career .Let's get down to the memory lane to find what the exact thing is.

According to reports from the Interview Magazine site, Ato once got a call from someone who wanted his friend Marcus to do a play after seeing both of them in a fashion show which they did rather for a joke and not intentionally. As Ato knew his friend like back of his hand, he said his friend would surely not do the play but also he would give his friend the message.

But the lady further asked if Ato would like to do the play. Ato immediately called his girlfriend and asked her about it. As Ato and his girlfriend both were chemical engineers, and thinking that a science student would do a drama, his girlfriend laughed. But she eventually persuaded Ato to do the play.

According to an insider the actor has revealed something which he looks for in a potential girlfriend. This is the story of 2001 .The only incident where Ato's girlfriend is associated. Since then no news on his relationships or splits has been recovered.

The actor is still single and is looking for his princess beauty to make him committed.

According to the reports from an insider, Ato wants a girlfriend who is also a soul mate. She should not be a hi-fi type of instead she must be simple, yet organized. The actor himself does not keep a high profile life.


Reports further add that Ato does not want a girlfriend from the industry. As Ato himself did not intend to enter into the film industry .His career built up with a small coincidence and now is over the top.

With his debut in 2001, the actor has done a good number of movies and tv series. His net worth is yet to be disclosed.