Is Anwar Jibawi Single? Know his Relationships and Affairs!

HitBerryPublished on   29 Oct, 2017Updated on   29 Apr, 2021

Back in days, before any of the social media tools were mainstream, people used to take auditions or act or do good things in front of the camera to become a web sensation. But now, when people are introduced to social media, it's a lot easier to be popular or even earn money!

So, out of these, vines are generally utilized nowadays! And if you follow it, you might be familiar with the name Anwar Jibawi. One of the admired and loved viners in the world. On board, we'll let you know about his personal life and what not.

Is Anwar Jibawi Single?

Jibawi is one of the sketch comedian worth paying attention to. With the perfect comedy timing and with the intention to appeal to all types of cultures in a video, Jibawi is all time favorite of all. With the millions of followers on social media, his fans are enthusiastic about his personal life.

Well, this Arab-American born comedian is often seen collaborating with youtube hottie. Lele Pons, Inanna Sarkis, and Hannah Stocking are regularly on video sharing spotlight with Anwar. And in somewhere in your life you might have wonder is Anwar in the relationship with one of these divas?

Anwar Jibawi, source: Zimbio

To be honest, women love men whose got senses of humor. But when it comes to Anwar, women in his love life seems to be lacking, despite being one of the greatest comedian and entertainer.

Well before drawing any conclusions, we went through his Instagram and other social media account. And we have to admit, Jibawi gives every shot to keep his head down when it comes to disclosing his relationship.

After, scrolling down, Anwar's several Instagram accounts, you can also notice he often post snaps with his buddies. When talking about buddies, you can spot him most of the time with another Viner Lele Pons. Check this funny video from Anwar's Instagram with Lele Pon.

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Behind the vine, Jibawi is an entirely different person, and we hope he speaks more about himself shortly.

Wait we are not saying, they are a couple. But we are going with the pieces of information on his social media. However, they haven't come out as a couple, so we have to say, Anwar is in his solitary life.

Anwar Jibawi rise to fame

Where are the notifications squad? These are the questions, often pasted on the comments wall of Anwar, whenever he uploads a new video on his youtube channel. The 24 years old Anwar fans are going gaga just to see his glimpse. And just many of them wait outside the house just to say "Hi-Anwar."

Anwar Jibawi as a flash in one of her videos, source:  YouTube

So, how did this ordinary American Man transferred himself as a celebrity? With 1.9 millions of Youtube subscriber and 3.9 millions of followers on Instagram, Anwar is at the peak of his career.

Anwar rose to fame of the youtube after frequently uploading videos on stereotype comedy. And guess what people loved it and that was it for this comedic genius.

With each month, his subs and followers grew up, started collaborating with other YouTubers which made him famous overnight. In an interview about the fame and platform provided by vines he said:

Vine was a great start for me. It was the start of my creative journey, but I felt that my creativity grew past it. I loved being on Vine and all the people that I met in that certain time of my life.

Anwar Jibawi in one of her videos, source: Twitter

One of the best collaboration was with boxing legend Mike Tyson, in which Mike did a great comedy as a neighbor of Anwar. There are a lot to come from this comedian and each year; we can see he pushed to his limit to entertain us.