Is Anita Baker dating anyone currently? Who is her boyfriend?

Everyone must be quite interested to know about the current love affair with Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter Anita Baker.

Legendary songstress Anita Baker has always been in headlines for her numerous relationships- from Gerald Albright to Joe Sample.

It has been said that Baker had been dating her longtime boyfriend Joe Sample before she met her husband, Walter. Baker got married to Walter Bridgeforth Jr. on December 24, 1988. She has two children with her husband, who is Walter Baker Bridgeforth and Edward Carlton Bridgeforth. However, after 17 years of marriage, the couple decided to file for divorce in 2005.

Though the reason behind their divorce was not disclosed publicly, many speculated the reason to be Baker’s love affairs outside the marriage.

There have been rumors that she had dated American Jazz saxophonist Gerald Albright back in 1990 when she was still married to her husband.

Anita Baker, Source: iheart


 Moreover, Baker had even hooked up with musicians Howard Hewett and Frankie Beverly during the time they recorded a song together.

In an interview with The BoomBox in 2012, Anita Baker stated that she is not engrossed on finding the perfect man and at this stage in her life, dating is ‘organic’ for her.

“I meet a lot of people and you exchange energy and somebody may call you and you call someone and you develop a relationship out of a relationship; out of a friendship or a peer group,” Baker shared.

“And then you end up having a cocktail sometime or having a cup of coffee, and that turns into, ‘Well, call me later’, ‘Well, OK, yeah, I’ll call you too’ There is no dating, it’s very organic. And I love that. You know, nobody’s like, ‘I gotta get a date. It’s Saturday.”

Though back then Baker didn’t seem to be rushing into relationships and finding a perfect guy in her life, recently, it is rumored that after so many failed relationships, she has finally found the love of her life.

She has revealed to one of her closest friends, Tom Joyner that she has started dating again. She even added saying since her sons are all grown up and go to college, this would be the right time for her transition into new beginnings. From her confirmation, this might be true that she has surely started dating someone lately.

Though Baker did not disclose anything about her new boyfriend but assured that it is not younger men. From her past relationship, she has always been seen dating older men. Moreover, she hinted that her boyfriend is from the music industry and she had met him during the Rhythm of Love World Tour.

It seems Baker wants to maintain privacy in her personal life. We hope her boyfriend is unveiled really soon.

Grammy Award winner, Baker famous for her numerous albums and songs as Rapture and Sweet Love has an estimated net worth of $80 million.