Is Angelique Boyer secretly Married? Know her Affairs and Relationship

HitBerryPublished on   08 Oct, 2017Updated on   30 Apr, 2021

Future is what we all fight for. Except there are those who work hard to accomplish their goals and some who regret to have not fought for.Likewise, Angelique Boyer is a successful actress who believes in her skills and is still on the hike of her future.

French-Mexican Actress Angelique Boyer is a 29 years old celebrity whose acting is seen in movies and Television shows. On board, know if she is married or dating anyone, alongside her Affairs and Relationship!

All About Angelique Boyer

At first, you know she is an actress right!. Born in Saint Claude, Jura, France she and her family moved to Mexico at the age of 2. Her acting career started after she began starring in secondary roles TV shows such as Revelde, Corazon Salvaje, and Muchachitas como tu.

Angelique Boyer, source: pinterest

Her talent is also seen on her voice. "Rabenito Verdes" is a band which was a part of her at a young age. Later, it while shooting "Revelde", she also formed band 'Citricus'. And that was all happened when she was cast as a teenager but her mature roles were recognized by fans after they saw Mujeres Asesinas 2.

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Boyer till date has collected awards mostly french TV awards "Premios TVyNovelas, "Premios Bravo", "Premios Juventud", "Premios Ace". She also added 2017 Premios Bravo for Best lead actress.

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Well, that should be enough!. But wait, folks, don't you want to know about the real romance of her life. If so, scroll down.

Is she secretly married or Hustling around?

Angelique Boyer is a beautiful actress.Well, finding a handsome and elegant young man should be Angelique's dream guy. Has she found the love of her life and taken the decision of getting tied to an unbreakable bond? Rumors are that she got engaged but to what extent can we believe it. To find out more scroll down.

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The rumor that spread was Angelique going to jewelry shop with her anonymous boyfriend. However, it was only a false news and Boyers' isn't getting engaged any soon.

Angelique Boyer, source: pinterest

Desperate fans, you know should be now happy or somewhat relieved to know she isn't married but is she single? Her sweetest love stories which unfortunately had bad endings and some with bright beginnings are what you should know.

Past Affairs of Angelique Boyer

Want to know who Sebastian Rulli is? Angelique's current lover is the guy himself. Angelique Boyer secretly Married while the couple officially started dating in 2014. Rumors already began when they were acting as lovers in the series 'Lo Que La Vida Me Robó'.

Sebastian Rulli and Angelique Boyer, source: heavy

Yet, the romance doesn't end here, In fact, Angelique Boyer is about to give birth to a child soon. Surprised!. It isn't sooner or later the couple will also be tying their wedding knot. So that came as shock right!. The 39- year actor is however already a father and has a son.

Angelique Boyers and Sebastian Rulli, source: pinterest

Before Rulli came into her life, it was Jose Alberto Castro with whom she had affair. The couple started dating from 2011 to 2014. Besides the actor, Rulli, and producer Jose dated with Angelique, she also dated Drew Roy in 2010, Sebastian Zurita, and Diego Bonnita.