Is Angela McGlowan Single After Divorce from John Venners?

HitBerryPublished on   10 Sep, 2017Updated on   30 Apr, 2021

Life becomes easier when you learn to accept an apology you never got. Life after divorce can be very miserable for some of the people out there. Some people manage to move on whereas many choose to remain single. An American politician Angela McGlowan has similar kind of past life where she had trouble with her married life followed by her career.

Angela McGlowan is a well renowned American politician, commentator, and the best selling author. Apart from this Angela is a CEO of Political Strategies and Insight and an advocacy. Leaving McGlowan's professional life aside, we will be talking about her life after divorce.

Angela McGlowan's life after divorce

Angela McGowan tied the knot with the CEO of Venners Group John Venners back in February 2006.  However, there are not much of information on how this ex-couple ended up in the marriage.

You might know her from Angela McGlown for running congress and as a Fox News political analyst. However, she lost bid for Congress in 2011.

Image result for John vENNERS Angela and John leaving the wedding in Washington Life February 2006, SOURCE: Washington Life Magazine

Sources claim that they started their relationship as friends but soon they got attracted to each other. A friendship began to blossom and turned into romance.

After a decade of their marriage,  they decided to open up and announce to end their marriage. In 2016 they confirmed the news of choosing their own way and the couple got divorced.

John Venners, Angela McGlowan, and Carol Randolph, SOURCE: Washington Life Magazine

The reasons behind their divorce are still behind curtains till now. So in 2017, what is Angela is up to?

Angela and John leaving the wedding, SOURCE: Washington Life Magazine

The 57-year-old, Angela has no kids from her previous marriage. So definitely Angela is more focused on her career.

If we look at the Instagram post of Angela, she is more focused on her job. She is trying her best to be more busy focusing on her job as a Fox News Political Analyst and CEO of Political Strategies and Insights.

Is Angela McGlowman single?

Angela McGowan is currently single and there has been no rumor of her dating with any mysterious guy so far. So why is she not dating? Did she learn some lesson from her failed marriage? Maybe she doesn't want to get in a relationship because of her past. Might be she is happy enjoying the single life.

Angela McGlowman, SOURCE:

We know how hard can it be in a position and to maintain all the respect Angela got in her age. McGowan is a great model for the upcoming generation especially women who are willing to make a political impact in America.

As for now, Angela is maintaining her low profile life. She might be dating but haven't made it official yet. We hope in near, she speaks more about her personal life in near future.