Is Andrea Lewis dating anyone? Is she married?

April 7, 2016
First Published On: April 7, 2016
by HitBerry

It seems everyone wants to know about the real dating records of Hazen Adel from Degrassi: The Next Generation. Andrea Lewis although had a pretty convincing love story in the series, she seems to put her actual life pretty far away from the limelight as possible.

As such there is no news of her dating anyone. We are sure that she might have had few boyfriends back in the days but there are no official names to disclose. She does not seem to be married yet nor does she have any children outside of marriage. She has not yet revealed what characteristic that she may want from her potential husband.

Andrea was suspected to be dating her Degrassi co-worker Aubrey Graham, but that is just the series fan trying to grant themselves the Jazel relationship.

Andrea's height measures 5 feet 3 inch. She looks pretty sweet and beautiful and has a lot of male fans after her. She has a pretty curvy body and looks very appealing.

Known for her unique hair while many actresses out there like to play around with their hair to look better, Andrea believes that her hair needs a break-

“I’m comfortable with myself and just leaving my hair to be what it naturally is! I dye it black because I prefer darker hair and I usually leave it curly because I care about the health of my hair and for so long I damaged it with flat irons and harsh dyes that now I feel my hair deserves a break.”

Andrea was nominated along with another cast of Degrassi for the Best Ensemble in a TV series on two separate years by Young Artist Awards.

Not only is Andrea a marvelous actor but also a decent singer, having released multiple albums- Float Away in 2005 and 54321 in 2010. Some of the famous songs are I Can't Leave U Alone, Out of my Mind, Forever Ever, etc.

Currently, this 30-year-old beautiful actress is starring in the web series Black Actress. It is free on YouTube on Issa Rae's channel.

 Till today, she has appeared in over a dozen TV series like Moccasin Flats, Soul Food, Cadet Kelly and Spectacular! And TV movies like Cadet Kelly (2002) and other including her guest appearance and cameos.

She is active in social media like Twitter and Instagram. She has around 21.7k followers on Instagram alone. She is very fond of her fans and often posts pictures for them. Andrea is very grateful for their support. She is one of the most popular black actresses in the television industry. More of her information are available in her Wiki or IMDB.

The net worth of this exceptional actress is still under review but we can only guess that it must be in millions of dollars.