Is Amy Kellogg single or married? Who is she dating?

July 18, 2017
First Published On: July 18, 2017
by HitBerry

Amy Kellog is a news reporter for the Fox news channel who has been working on the network since 1999 is based out of the network's London news bureau. she is famous for her work at WNEP-TV, WBRE-TV, and WSYT-TV.

Whenever people see a beautiful and engaging face on media, they tend to become interested concerning their love life. Though, sometimes audience confronts such individuals being too busy concerning their personal life. Same thing happened to Amy Kellog, Millions of her fans wants to know about her love life.

Is Amy Kellogg still single or Married?

Amy Kellog is unmarried and single. In her decade-long journey of revelations, she never let anyone know any clue concerning her partner or spouse. She is bold and good looking. Furthermore, she has reached the age proper for marriage. But till date, there is no any news about her relationship and affairs.

As she is busy in traveling different places and covering new story she has no time to think about her love life. As not all the people want a good life partner, there are some who are in favor of successful career. Amy Kellog is among them.

Amy Kellogg Amy Kellogg source: famousfix

As Amy keeps her personal life secret, we can assume that till the date she is not involved in any dating rumor or relationship. Here we have a video of her interview. she is speaking about Libyan Foreign Minister Defects to the UK. Let's have a look

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Amy Kellogg early life and career

Amy was born in the United State of America but her actual age is difficult to verify. Looking at her We can assume her age of 30 years. She started her early education from the Local school of US and after completing her early education Amy attended Brown University and was graduated in Soviet studies.

She spent a semester at Leningrad State University to acquired her M.A. from Stanford University in Russian. Kellogg is also articulate in a French and Spanish language. In another word, we can say that she has a unique skill to speak in several languages. For her hard work and dedication, She is also listed in  The Dumb Girls of Fox.

Amy Kellogg Amy Kellogg source:

Before the occupancy of FNC, Amy played on the account of high profile internationally. In 2007, she got a chance to visit Iran and speak to president Mahmud Ahmadinejad in president conference. she has also covered political and social issues regarding suffered effects of Chemical weapons of Saddam Hussein spending enough time with Iran youth.

Amy had even reported from Afganistan, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates in the Arabian Sea and in Saudi Arabia in Bahrain in USS Stennis

Besides she has reported the London Olympics, She also covered Russia and Iran's  national elections in 2012, the story of the Royal Matrimony of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. In 2011 She reported the petition trial of Amanda Knox.