Is Amy Gumenick dating anyone? Does she have a boyfriend?

April 1, 2016
First Published On: April 1, 2016
by HitBerry

 Swedish-born American actress, best known for her roles as Natalee Holloway in the television film of the same name, i.e, ‘Natalee Holloway’ and its sequel ‘Justice for Natalee Holloway,’ Amy Gumenick has finally hit the news. With many people wanting to know her, especially about her love life, we are finally here to give you just what you need. Who is Amy Gumenick? How about doing a check on her past and knowing everything we need to know about this gorgeous actress with 5 feet 5 inch height.

Born to Polish mother and a Russian father on May 17, 1986, Amy discovered her interest in performing arts by the early age. Her passion for acting only grew in the years to come and she earned a BFA in theater from California, Santa Barbara with honors and distinction.

Amy’s debut in acting is her appearance in a short film ‘Sayonara Elviko’, she was then able to make it to an Episode: "Last Minute Changes" in Army Wives playing the character of Lee Ann. In the same year, she appeared in My Own Word of Enemies as Emily Kent .She has acted in over 20 TV shows till date and around seven short films.  She has had roles Bottom of Form

 In famous TV shows like a role of younger Mary Campbell in Supernatural, roles in How I Met Your Mother, Grey’s Anatomy, Ghost whisperer and bones before  being cast as Natalee Holloway in the lifetime movie Natalee Holloway and its sequel. Lately, she is engaged in a role of Carrie Cutter/ Cupid on the CW series Arrow.

Amy has had a successful career till now all because of her passion for acting and hard work she has put on her acting career. There is no doubt that she will continue to thrive and earn herself bigger, better roles and fame in the movie industry with lots of successful movies and tv shows. Her net worth has not been disclosed as of now.

When it comes to her personal life she likes to lay low. She is an enthusiast when it comes to her career but she does not like to open her personal life in media. She has managed well to keep her personal life to herself and live it well without the media buzz. She has never been married as per the records. Although she does not have a husband, the possibility of having boyfriend is not ruled out unless she comes out as a lesbian. She has never been alleged to be a lesbian but her well-hidden dating life does to an extent indicate so. Some actors keep their affairs a secret because of its complications. Is that the case with this actress as well? We hope to hear about your better half from you soon!