Is American sports reporter Wendi Nix Single, Married, or Dating?

HitBerryPublished on   03 Nov, 2017Updated on   29 Apr, 2021

One of the famous American anchor as well as a sports reporter, Wendi Nix has been really successful in her professional life. She has been working for ESPN for a really long time. Bring greatly successful in her professional life, how well has she done in her personal life? From this article, you guys will know all about Wendi’s relationships and affairs.

Wendi tries to keep her personal life as private as possible but how long can a celebrity keep their personal life as a secret? From her tweets and posts on social sites, we were able to find out that she was already married and divorced as well. So who is she with now? Keep on scrolling if you want the answer.

Wendi Nix, married and divorced?

Because of the privacy she keeps in her personal life, we were able to find only a limited information after her relationship and marriage. Well stalking here everywhere we could, we found out that she was married to Benjamin Cherington, an American baseball executive.

Wendi Nix's ex-husband Ben Wendi Nix's ex-husband Ben, Source: Super Business

They reportedly met at a university, the University of Massachusetts and fell for each other. They eventually tied the knot. But sadly, the relationship couldn’t last for long and they got divorced, again, silently. In an interview held on 2010 with Myrtle Beach Tribute, Nix confirmed that she got separated from her husband.

What happened after the divorce?

Following the divorce, Ben seemed to move on really quick. He got married to Tyler Tumminia in the same year they separated, i.e. in the year 2012. Well, what about Windi? How long did it take for her to move on?

Ben Cherington with his current wife Tyler Tumminia Ben Cherington with his current wife Tyler Tumminia, Source: LR

You will be shocked to hear that she has tweeted something mentioning her ‘husband’ in the year 2016. Yes, she had already divorced in 2012, so who is she talking about in her tweet? Has she married again? Secretly? If you don’t believe me, look at the tweet with your own eyes.

She has clearly mentioned about the fault she’s done by boxing her husband from the picture. However, there aren’t any details of her getting married, neither on social sites nor in any news. But luckily, by scrolling her tweets to 2015, we found some more interesting tweets. Have a look.

From her tweets, it can be confirmed that she is again married after she got divorced from her ex-husband. This shows that she’s move on too! Also seeing her tweets, it is clear that her husband is a football lover. Might he be someone from football? Have a look at one last tweet posted by Wendi back on 2015.

The two cute girls are surely Wendi’s daughters. Why else would she post someone else’s daughter captioning ‘Summer’. These posts show that Wendi is happy in her current marriage and she certainly doesn’t want to publicize about her marriage anywhere on the media.