Is American Commentator Matt Drudge Gay? Is he Married or Dating or still Single? Know here!

The American Commentator Matt Drudge, who is often questioned about his sexuality, is not in any kind of marital relationship. At least to the prying eyes. But, is he really single or dating secretly?


Matt is often asked questions regarding his sexual likings. But, what was the reason for such accusations? He has never been in a relationship before so being a gay is the easiest answer one can think of. Today, we will show you the reality about commentator Matt Drudge’s romantic life.

Matt Drudge’s Private Affairs

Matthew Nathan Drudge is currently in his 51st year. But, no news of him linking up to any other female partners is known to anyone till the date. He seems to be single in the present context too.

[ CAPTION: Matt Drudge ][ SOURCE: Politico ]

Once, before some years, there are several rumors of him getting married hit the headlines. However, after the announcement, there is no any information regarding his marriage ceremony. But that raises another question about him. Did he get married secretly?

[ CAPTION: Matt Drudge ][ SOURCE: The Goldwater ]

Well, the answer is NO! Celebrities cannot hide from the social media platforms as most of the people use such platforms in this age. Hence, if he had married, he would have been on our radar of married people.

Matt Drudge Gay Rumors

During the old days of Matt, he was questioned about his sexuality and was accused of being a homosexual. The political commentators’ life had become a matter of scoop for most of the public eye. But, what was the reason he was called ‘a gay’?

[ CAPTION: The Drudge report ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

In an interview with some tabloid sources, the landscaper David Cohen accused Matt of being a homosexual. According to Cohen, he was in a long-term relationship with Drudge, but he was afraid to admit it to the society. For such allegations, Drudge had denied the fact that he is really a gay in his response to the Out Magazine Article.

[ CAPTION: Matt Drudge News ][ SOURCE: Mediaite ]

The accusations of Matt being a gay was also made popular because of his high-cost gift to his former roommate, Juan Carlos Alvarado. He gifted his roommate of 11 years, property worth over $700000. So, the gift confused every one of his fans into thinking that they were a same-sex couple.

Matt is such a mysterious person. He has kept his private love affairs away from the reel life. With questions asked about his sexuality, Matt Drudge hasn’t had any love affairs till the date. And, if he has feelings for the same sex; then, he is far from accepting it.