Is American Actress Emma Stone Single or Married or Dating? Know her past affairs

American Actress Emma Stone, the highest paid actress of 2017, is most known for her movies like The Amazing Spider-man, The Rockstar, La La Land, etc. Most of us know her for being a successful actress because of her professional career. But how many of you know about her personal life?


Many of Emma Stone's fans are eager to know about her personal life. Are you interested to know about whether she is married, single or in a relationship? Stay on this page to know all about her.

Is Emma Stone Married? Involved in any relationship?

If we mine in the personal life of Emma Stone, then till the date she is still not married. But she is found to be involved in a love relationship with various guys. She doesn’t have a long dating history.

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Reportedly, she is dating Saturday Night Live writer and segment director, Dave McCary. Although, it’s not clear when they have started their relationship, it’s confirmed by Page Six TV about their dating. Emma also used to share photos of them together with romantic captions.

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Emma and Dave were also spotted together at the premiere of Dave’s film, Brigsby Bear, in June 2017. After her last break up with Andrew Garfield in 2015, this is Emma’s first public relationship. Emma and Dave were also spotted together most of the time in public. But they have confirmed it only in October 2017.

Emma Stone's past relationship

Back in 2007, Emma was in a romantic relationship with American singer-songwriter Teddy Geiger. The couple separated in 2009. More information regarding them has not been publicized as they have not spoken about it.

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After Emma’s break up with Teddy, she was involved in a relationship with actor Kieran Culkin. The exact time of their relationship is very confusing because different sites have claimed different times.

According to Daily Mail, they started dating in 2010 and Celebuzz reported that they split in April 2011. However, Pop Sugar claims that the pair has dated each other from 2009 to 2010.

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[ CAPTION: Emma Stone with Andrew Garfield ][ SOURCE: Just Jared ]

Shortly after she broke up and her co-star Andrew Garfield form The Amazing Spiderman. After a short period of dating, the couple got engaged and started living together in New York City. The couple also were planning to get married soon, but due to some personal reason, the couple broke their relationship in 2015.

After several relationship failures, Emma Stone has again been involved in a romantic love relationship with Dave McCary. They confirmed it just some months ago and is now enjoying a healthy relationship.