Is Alyssa Arce Single? Who is she Dating currently?

Alyssa Arce is an American model who was photographed by famous Terry Richardson for LUI magazine in 2013. At the very young age, she is an Instagram sensation, and with her looks, she is gaining so much attention these days.

Apart from this, Arce was named the Playboy Playmate of the month for July 2013. So, at present, who is this beauty dating, people say she was seen with Justin Bieber. Is it true??

Is Alyssa Arce Single?

Arce has a long history of appearing next to celebrities in different events and you might have wondered at some point is she dating anyone of these celebrities? Well, you are about to reveal everything about this beautiful, Let's begin.

Alyssa hasn't hit the news with her personal life. The 25-year-old model, despite being spotted with several celebrities including Justin Bieber never admitted the rumors of dating. Whenever the rumors of her dating pop on the internet, she rather denies it or keeps her lips sealed.

Alyssa Arce, source:

In recent days, when comes to the love affairs, Alyssa is trying to sweep it under the rug. If you look at her Instagram post, you will keep on scratching your head why this diva still single?

Alyssa Arce, source: HawtCelebs

Mostly, beautiful people are likely to be in a relationship but when it comes to Alyssa, she wrapped all love interest and sealed it up. After coming across her Instagram and other social accounts, you can notice she barely spills the beans on her relationship.

Isn't she flawless?

Arce rather posts the video of her nude pics or getting pretty cozy with other male models. But we can't say she is in a relationship, right? Well, it's part of her job and we appreciate her it.

At the age of 25, Alyssa surely has achieved a lot that we can dream of. American born model is well focused on her career and we hope she opens everything about her personal aff

Alyssa Arce's Past Relationships and Affairs

Back in 2014, Alyssa Arce got a name yacht girl, after she was spotted making out with Justin Bieber's yacht. Bieber was spotted getting cozy with the brunette on the deck of his yacht off the coast of the Spanish party town.

Arce, with jeans and black hoodie, was snapped walking up pop sensation on his yacht after their one night stands on the boat.

Justin Bieber makes out with Alyssa Arc, source: CelebrityGossipTalk -

Later that night, they were seen partying as Arce sat next to Justin with a glass of wine on her hand and his hand rubbing on Alyssa's shoulder.

The morning after Alyssa was seen waking up the groggy pop star Justin Bieber, source: Daily Mail

Beiber even took on social media to snap a pic with this beauty. You can see Bieber's, sharing a cozy pic with Arce on his Instagram.

This is not the first time, Alyssa made headlines. Back in 2013, she shared a shocking tweet, more like a funny one. In this tweet she mentioned her boyfriend getting tattoed on his head.

Apart from this Alyssa was one rumored to be engaged but this news faded away as the day passed by. And Arce will make waves in coming future with her personal life. Stay with us for more update.