Is Alex Proyas married? Does he have any children?

March 30, 2016
First published on:March 30, 2016
by HitBerry

Sorry girls, Alex is out of the market!!!

Recent reports have revealed that the Egyptian-born Australian film director, screenwriter and producer Alex Proyas is in a committed relationship.

Alex is a very professional person. He keeps his professional life and career to high extent. But his personal life is kept on low profile. He has not yet disclosed any information on his personal life.

According to Alex, he wants to keep his private life away from the grasp of media. The site reveals that due to his older age we can guess he is married.

But our sources have revealed that Proyas is an unmarried man but is committed to a long term relationship.

Alex Proyas is seen appearing alone in events and occasions. He is a self-made director and does not include any family background to persuade him in the movie industry.

No data is found yet on whether this talented director cum producer is married or not. The popular relationship sites like who's dated who and famous fix are also unaware about his relationship facts.

But according to the recent rumors, Alex is in a long term committed relationship. If rumors are to be believed, the girl is not from the movie or TV industry. She is a common person. Due to which, Alex is able to hide his dating secrets.

Well, maybe Alex is in the plan to reveal his girlfriend with a big bang of his wedding announcement.

Well this 52 years old is about to cross his marital age. What say??
Although the fact that Alex is personally isolated, he has a good number of fan followings. It is because of his notable works in the movies The Crow (1994), Dark City (1998), Robot (2004) and Knowing (2009).

It is reported that Alex was interested in Hollywood career since his early age. According to Wikipedia, at 17 he attended Australian Film, Television and Radio School and began directing music videos shortly after.

Later on, he moved to Los Angeles in the US to further his career working on MTV music videos and TV commercials. He has directed at around 100 music videos.

However, his first feature film was independent science fiction thriller Spirits of the Air, Gremlins of the Clouds. He has directed, written and produced in around a dozen films altogether.

His net worth earnings is yet to be disclosed.

He has been working in the industry for a  long time and no one has been able to reveal his relationship affairs. Well done Alex! You have done the work which no celeb has been able to do by now no matter how much they have tried.

Alex fans keep calm and stay updated. Sooner or later we are gonna find out his secrets.

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