Is Alastair Sooke married? Disclose his past affairs and relationship

HitBerryPublished on   27 Jul, 2017Updated on   05 May, 2021

Best known for his critics in arts and as a broadcaster around the world, Alastair Sooke is one of the most renowned personalities in the art for the British media. As one of the famous face in the media, his fans are eager to know more about Sooke.

As we have come across many celebrities in the past, here Alastair is that kind of celebrities who like to keep his personal life away from the media. However, we have dug up some facts about him.

Who is Alastair Sooke? Know more about him

If you watch Modern Masters and The Treasure of Ancient Rome you will be familiar with the name Alastair Sooke. Alastair is English art critics and broadcaster, most recognizable for reporting and commenting on art for British Media.

Sooke wrote and presented documentaries on art and art history for BBC. He is art critic of The Daily Telegraph and a columnist for BBC culture and is also an author of three books.

Alastair Sooke in BBC Four- Ancient of Ancient Greece, source: I chef

In recent days, Alastair is a deputy art critic at The Daily Telegraph and also a regular reporter on The Culture Show. Apart from his art work, he is a recognizable face in TV shows.  While his journey for his Tv shows Sooke even went to Saint Petersburg, Russia's old imperial capital.

Born in 1981, Sooke studied for M.A at the  Courtauld Institute of Art in London which specialized him in ancient Greek and Roman Art.

Alastair Sooke, Source: telegraph

Sooke served for BBC television and radio as a writer and presenter on art and art history for BBC. During his work in the BBC, he worked on several documentaries including Modern Masters,  Treasures of Ancient Rome, How the Devil got his Horns and much more.

Alastair Sooke at show An Art Lovers' Guide, source: radio times

Back in 2016, Alastair was a judge for the inaugural Hepworth Prize for Sculpture and also sat on the British Councils Venice Biennale Selection Committee.

Besides from all this, Sooke got his hands on TV shows. The Perfect Suit, Unfinished, Treasures of Ancient Greece are the shows he did for BBC. As in 2017, Sooke did Trump on Culture: Brave New World and An Art Lover's Guide.

Alastair Sooke love affairs and relationships

Despite working on the different documentaries and with female co-host including Amanda Vickery,  Sooke was never linked with any of the females in his past. It's hard to believe that, Sooke never caught an eye of media with his personal life.

You might be wondering if he does not have dating rumors than probably he is married. Some resources revealed that Sooke is married and is blessed with a girl.

Dr Janina Ramirez and Alastair Sooke, Source: chef

In an interview when he was asked about the time he spent with his family he said:

"Usually, my wife and I load up the car and set off from London with our little girl late on a Friday. It’s a long, meandering journey, but as the city slips away and we head out into the countryside, I can feel the hold that my work has on me start to loosen."

He further added.

"I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to come to Chapman’s Pool with me to hunt for fossils and messages in bottles."

Alastair Sooke with Dr. Janina Ramirez, Source: PBS

However, the identity of his family is still under the radar. You might see him with other females in some pictures, but they are just his partners from the TV shows.