Is Adam G. Sevani, known for his dancing in Step up series, dating anyone?? Rumors of a secret girlfriend

August 7, 2015
First published on:August 7, 2015
by HitBerry

Adam G. Sevani, best known for his role, Mousse, in the hit movie series Step UP, might be dating again. According to recent reports he has been dating secretly for months!! 

If insider sources are to be believed, Sevani has been in a pretty serious relationship for some time. We are quite surprised that the superb dancer has been able to keep this a secret so far. However, since he is notoriously private about his romantic life, the mystery woman is yet to be named.

The extremely talented actor and dancer had previously dated Paige Ann Thorn back in 2007. They broke up shortly afterwards. Then, in 2008, he was linked with Miley Cyrus. The relationship did not last for long either and they broke up. Since then, he has not dated anyone publicly. There have always been rumors but none of them were confirmed. But now, the talented dancer is breaking all of our hearts. According to insiders, he and his new girlfriend are very much in love

Sevani, age 23, was born in California. He is of Armenian and Italian descent. He has one older brother named Vahe Sevani who used to be a member of the band NLT. His parents owned a dance studio where Sevani learned to dance at a very young age. He has appeared in a number of music videos for various artistes and has also done choreography for the band NLT for their music video. He is extremely talented. His dance moves are to die for.

The actor earned his fame when he appeared in the hit dance movie Step Up 2, the second series of the hit movie Step Up, in 2008. The film was focused around a group of students who form a dance crew and battle it out on the streets. His character, Moose, was loved by all. Fans were ecstatic as they watched him perform and critics praised his performance.  The New York Times called him the ‘baddest nerd in the movie history’. He then appeared in the third installment of the movie series – Step Up 3D in 2010. He was much loved for his role. This movie was focused around his character Moose and his best friend Camille. They move to New York University and get mixed in the underground dancing scene.

Then came Step Up Revolution in 2012. He appeared as Moose in this movie too and was praised for his role in the movie. In 2014, he played the character of Mousse once again in the movies fifth series Step Up All In. he has played his character, Mousse, perfectly in all the movies. His dance moves are exotic. His performance in the movie series is exceptional. This talented actor and dancer won hearts all over the world.

The extremely talented dancer is quite active in the social media. He regularly tweets and has 25.1k followers on his twitter page. He is pretty active in Instagram too. He has 141k fans on his Instagram page. He often uploads pictures and remains connected with his fans. 


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