Is actress Elaine Hendrix dating again after EIGHTEEN YEARS? Rumors of a secret affair

HitBerryPublished on   15 Aug, 2015Updated on   15 Aug, 2015

Is actress Elaine Hendrix still single? The 45 year old actress, who has been presumed to be single since splitting up with David Faustino in 1997, might be dating again. Although she has not been seen in public with anyone specific, insiders claim that she has been dating a mystery man for the past few months. Rumors around her suggest that Hendrix may be heading for a fresh start with this new boyfriend.

Hendrix, best known for her role in Inspector Gadget 2, has dated only two men in her life. She has not dated anyone since breaking up with Faustino in 1997. This long interval without a romantic companion had her well wishers really worried. They hope that this rumor about her secret boyfriend turns out to be true. Until now, she has made no comments in public regarding this news yet.

Even at the age of 44, men still find Hendrix extremely charming. Hendrix’s first love was Christopher J Corabi. The ex duo had a very short affair after which they got separated.  In 1995, when Hendrix was at the peak of her career, she started a relationship with actor David Faustino. Hendrix and Faustino looked more like a brother and sister than a couple but they were really fond of each other. Even after their breakup, they have remained really good friends.

When asked how she has managed to remain single for nearly eighteen years, Hendrix replied that her work demands most of her time so she does not have any time to think about a new relationship. Hendrix is not only an actress, but also a producer, singer, dancer and an activist. She started her career in 1992 as a model. Ever since then, she has been completely focused on building her career.

Before she started acting, Hendrix was best known for her skills as a dancer and a model. Her career as a model ended after she got hit by a car in 1992 which left her a cripple for a few years. After this terrible incident, Hendrix started appearing in T.V shows only around 1995. She was first cast in the series Get Smart followed by Joan of Arcadia. She was also involved in the popular Television series Friends. Since then she has acted in more than 100 films and television shows.

Elaine Hendrix has won 3 awards in her career. She got the best actress award in 2008 for her performance in Food for Thought. In 2011 she was nominated for the Humanitarian Activism Award for her work in the Animal Rescue Corps and In the Defence of the Animals. Hendrix is really fond of dogs.

Currently, Hendrix has nearly 24.7k followers in Instagram and 20.8k followers on her Twitter account. She also has a net worth of 2 million dollars. As her well wishers, we pray that she finds her true soul mate in the near future and we wish her the best of luck for the days to come.