Is actress Daniella Alonso Dating someone?? Find out if she has a boyfriend or is married!!

August 31, 2015
First Published On: August 31, 2015
by HitBerry

Daniella Alonso’s career has taken off quite smoothly. She had had her hands in several hit TV series along with a few good movies. We all know a lot about her professional life. But when it comes to her personal life, there is almost zero information about it. If you Google her name, terms like dating, boyfriend, husband, married would be the options which will be found at the bottom.

Alonso is extremely talented and beautiful actress who has been able to win hundreds and thousands of hearts through her acting and beauty. There is no doubt that this animal fanatic increased the beating of the hearts of thousands of men. She is the heartthrob of countless men and most of them would die to be her other half. She is loved and adored by many. For Hollywood celebs like her, it is quite common to be in a relationship with someone. They fall in love, they date, get engaged and marry. And if luck is in their favor, their relationship lasts forever.  If not, they spilt and get divorced. But despite being part of the show biz, we have hardly heard a single rumor about Alonso’s love life.

Alonso is a classy woman who could easily find a perfect man in her life. She is beautiful, young, sexy and charming. I mean, who wouldn’t want to date a woman like her? But despite everything, Alonso has never been seen dating anyone and she keeps her personal life so private that it is almost impossible for gossipmongers to dig out the juicy and spicy gossips about her life.

There have been several speculations about her past and present dating life but nobody has found accurate answer yet, which is why we do not have any information about her romantic involvement with anyone. She usually posts her single pictures on Twitter and Instagram, so it is hard to guess whether she has a boyfriend or not. We don’t know for sure if she married because she has never appeared publicly with a wedding ring on her finger. So, if we had to guess, we’d say she is still unmarried.

We might not have any solid information about her dating history but do know enough about her professional career. The Revolution star has been signed on to play a role of Catherine Baz, a mother of a three year old daughter, Lena and wife to Scott Speedman’s character in a new drama pilot Animal Kingdom. The actress is also all set to play the recurring role on a BET’s “Being Mary Jane”, alongside Gabrielle Union. Alonso will be playing the role of Marisol, an extremely stylish and beautiful woman who takes over the position of Mary Jane (Union) as an anchor.

Besides the hot new series, the actress has also appeared on various her hit shows like NBC’s “Night Shift”, NBC’s “Revolution” and ABC’s “My Generation” and the movie, “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2."