Is actress Carol Kane secretly married?? and who is her new husband??

HitBerryPublished on   10 Aug, 2015Updated on   10 Aug, 2015

If recent rumors are to be believed, the beautiful actress, Carol Kane is might be secretly married. According to reports, she is alleged to be married to her long time boyfriend. However, the name of this long-term boyfriend is still to be revealed. While these rumors are spreading like wildfire within the industry, it has neither been confirmed nor denied by the actress herself. Kane, despite being famous, has managed to keep her personal life very private, which might be why she has been in silent about the subject.

Reports from the Washington Daily News suggest that the actress, best known for her roles in “The Princess Bride” or ‘Annie Hall”, had secretly gotten engaged to her long-term boyfriend.

There had already been rumor that the pair was so-in-love and the actress was all set to announce their engagement. But, it sounds like they might have just jumped straight to marital bliss.

According to sources, the diva was seen wearing a ring on her left ring finger at an industry event, which confirmed the rumors about her marriage.

The couple is said to have exchanged oaths in an intimate morning ritual at a friend’s home, with few close friends and family members.

One of her close friend tweeted on Twitter, “They definitely gaze like a happy duo”

But we wonder who the lucky guy is. Apparently, the dazzling actress is currently very happy with the relationship and is very much in love. We hope to see some pictures of the couple pretty soon, just to satisfy our curiosity.

Kane had previously been dating Woody Harrelson. They started dating in 1986,. According to gossip mongers, the pair was last seen at the "Rampart" New York premiere at Landmark's Sunshine Cinema on 1st November, 2011 in New York City. They were seemed very much in love.

But then, Harrelson got married with his wife Laura Louie who was his former assistant and a co-founder of Yoganics. This news was shocking for everyone who thought Harrelson and Kane were dating. The pair have three daughters: Deni, Zoe and Makani.

But soon their break-up spread all over the news. They have never been seen together since, either in movies or real life.

Caron Kane is an American actress. She was born in January 1952 in the United States. Her ethnicity is Jewish. Kane was a regular on the 1986 NBC series All Is Forgiven, a regular on 1990 and had a supporting role in the short-lived 97 “Pearl” a sitcom series.

Kane is perhaps best known for her portrayal of Simka Dahblitz-Gravas, wife of Latka Gravas, on the American television series titled Taxi, from 1981 to 1983. Kane received several awards for her effort in the series including two Emmy Awards

 Kane is also known for her portrayal of the wicked headmistress in “Wicked”, which was a Broadway musical series. She played in a range of theatre productions from 2005 to 2014.

Kane also has a online fashion store “Boohoo”. In her store, there are mixtures of clothing for everyone. For her, ‘If a trend comes, we need to have it on our site in under a week’.

Kane is the daughter of Joy Kane, a Jazz singer and Michael Kane an architect who worked in the World Bank. Kane simply adores her parents.

Kane is very active in social media. She stays connected with her fans through Instagram. She has many followers on Twitter and on Instagram as well.  She frequently uses these sites to upload her hot pictures and share her thoughts to with world.