Is actress Bitty Schram secretly married? Find out if she is hiding a secret husband!!

November 23, 2015
First Published On: November 23, 2015

Around five years ago, Yahoo asked its users a tricky question. “Who is actress Bitty Schram married to?” Well everybody had thought that this question could be answered just like that, but the task was not as easy as it seemed. Nobody had the right answer because not a single person had any idea about the Monk star’s personal life. So, knowing the name of her husband or boyfriend was way out of the question.

The American actress, who is most widely recognized for the role of Sharona Fleming in the television series Monk, has never let either the media or her fans know a single detail about her love life or married life. Everybody was left scratching their head while only one person gave a satisfying answer. No wait! We don’t mean to say someone revealed the name of Schram’s husband, but the answer did made it clear that no one except Schram herself could give us the right answer.

The anonymous user wrote: “In an attempt to answer your question, I went to the Internet Movie DataBase web-site, where I found no mention of her ever having been married in her biography. Supposedly, biographical information on that site is provided by either the actor/actress or their publicity agent. I'm honestly puzzled, because this is the only time I've ever looked up a biography there and not found the names of parents, siblings, spouse, former spouse(s) and a whole lot more. Still, go check out this site and maybe you'll want to join a discussion forum where you're more likely to get in touch with someone who has more information.”

So, this unknown person has opened our eyes. But even after half a decade, literally no one has been able to find the answer. You all might be wondering “why didn’t you just make it more clear?” Don’t worry we are not trying to make you go all crazy. But we are just trying to shed some light on the matter. There have been several fruitless attempts, similar to the one above, made by the media and paparazzo to dig out the entrails of Bitty’s personal life, but in vain.

There have been countless rumors about her private affairs and secret boyfriends, but nobody has been able to find out who she is actually dating. Several gossip mongers and sources have made their claims that Bitty is hiding her secret husband from all of us. Some, after not finding a logical answer, have also stated that the actress is lesbian. But nah!!! She is neither hiding a mystery husband nor is she gay.

 And the aforementioned example proves that Bitty Schram is single and not ready to mingle. If she was indeed been in a relationship, we would surely have known by now. Why do you think, anyone as popular as her would be able to hide a husband or a partner from the media and her fans? And if she is indeed homosexual, then it’s not a big deal either. It’s her choice and it would not be a problem for her to come out of the closet, as the same-sex relationships are rather common these days and same-sex marriage has even been legalized in the USA.

Bitty has a net worth of around $2.5 million and she has appeared in several low budget movies as well.