Is actor Reggie Lee, age 41, secretly gay? Who is his partner??

Celebrity relationships interest a lot of people. Firstly, it was all about who the actor’s romantic partner is. But, with more and more actors and actresses opening up about their sexuality, it’s not uncommon to find famous people admitting to being gay. Today, we look into actor Reggie Lee. Yes, he might just be gay!!

Well, Reggie Lee who? Reggie is not exactly a household name, but if you have watched Pirates of the Caribbean or The Fast and the Furious or The Dark Knight Rises, you have probably known this Fillipino-American. Recently, there were rumor on Twitter regarding his sexuality when someone apparently mentioned that Reggie Lee had himself publicly disclosed that he was gay. Well, we all know that, that was just a rumor. Still, we dug up some news channels and some paparazzi gossips and sadly found nothing, except that Reggie Lee might be seeing someone. But, the fact that if that someone is a he or a she remains a mystery, prolongs the question: Is Reggie Lee gay?

Born in Quezon City, Philippines and a fluent speaker of Tagalog language, his parents moved to the Cleveland, Ohio area where he then settled and spend his entire childhood. There, he performed at the Greenbrier Theatre, Parma Heights at the Cleveland Play House. A very bright child, most likely because of his Asian descent (that strong in maths DNA that is typical to Asians), Reggie was accepted at Harvard. But, he did not enroll there. Well, he does say his parents were a bit puzzled about this. Anyways, we believe he made the right decision. After all, we would have gossiped about him had he gone to Harvard. Anyways, moving on, his actual name was Valdez. He only changed his name to Lee back in 2001 after he thought the name “Valdez” made others associate him as Hispanic. His new name ‘Lee’ was taken from his grandparents. So, back to his love life!!

At the age of 41, many people expect to start a family. Lee, on the other hand, has yet to marry. Why that is remains a mystery. He has not disclosed any information on his love life in any of his interviews. However, there were rumors that he was seeing someone back in 2008. There was a speculation that he might also be engaged. But it all turned out to be wrong.

After making a famous appearance in The Fast and the Furious as the cold blooded killer Lance Nguyen, he finally got noticed. This turn in his career, basically brought on greater fanfare and focus on him as people started noticing him as Lee himself. After his appearance in Pirates of the Caribbean, he went on to star in the FOX drama Prison Break, followed by a current role in the series Grimm. If not extraordinary, he has made a decent mark as an actor. All that’s left is for him to find a partner!