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Is actor Mateo Arias still dating Willow Smith, who was rumored to be his girlfriend last year?

December 5, 2015
First published on:December 5, 2015
by HitBerry

Mateo Arias, who played the role of Jerry in the Disney comedy series “ Kickin’ It“ seems to be still dating Willow Smith. The two were rumored to be dating last year, but it was not confirmed. New claims have been put forward by several reliable sources that they were dating last year and are still seeing each other.

There were several reports last year claiming that the two were not in a relationship. There were claims that Willow Smith was too young and that she would not be allowed to have a love life that early by her parents. But new reports suggest that the families of Mateo and Willow are well aware regarding what is going on between the two and don’t have any problem with it.

Mateo looks kinda dorky and nerdy while Willow looks cute and elegant for her age. The two look almost perfect with one another. With such chemistry, it’s understandable that their parents have no objection with them being together.

Both Mateo and Willow come from musical background. They both are considered young artist to watch out for. Both Mateo and Willow’s parents are in the entertainment industry. Willow is the daughter of well known actor and singer Will Smith and Mateo is brother of Disney star Mosies Arias.

The Colombian born actor is pleasing to eyes. He is a bilingual, he can speak very good Spanish and is fluent in English as well. He is also considered a fun person to hang around with it. This must have had a role in convincing Will Smith that he is the right person for his daughter.

Mateo and Willow have worked together in several instances. The two got closer to each other during the recording for a Disney song. With so much similarity between them, it is not hard to see why Mateo decided Willow would be the right girlfriend for him at the moment. 

Even though he is very young, he is considered to be very sexy.  His shirtless picture is often searched on the internet, but it results in only a few hits. The main reason behind this is the actor has not yet had a commercial shirtless photo session.

Mateo had started working as an actor from the tender age of 10. Even though he has spent 10 years in the industry already, he is yet to have a lead role in commercially successful series.  Mateo is now shifting his focus from TV series to movies.

Mateo is 18 years old. As he is only a teenager, like normal teenagers he is really active across social media platform. Mateo has 219k Twitter followers. Mateo keeps his fans updated about the latest happening in his life through his Twitter account.  He also has a hugely successful blog on tumblr. His Instagram account also has many followers.


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