Is Actor Ian Nelson dating anyone?? What does he have to say about his numerous rumored girlfriends??

September 6, 2015
First Published On: September 6, 2015
by HitBerry

Ian Nelson, when he first appeared on screen, captured the hearts of many teenage girls with his dashing looks on the movie adaption of Hunger games. Now, having come of age, he seems to be very popular among his peers at college. Apart from his good looks and charming charisma, he has got other talents that would make girls fall in love with him – he is a trained singer and actor.

The trained actor, singer is known to have broken many teenage girls’ hearts. He is known for being an extrovert and has been seen with many females while coming out of parties in LA and New York. He is yet to be linked with anyone, but there have been some girls who have linked themselves to him.

Nelson has not had any official girlfriend. But there are people who claim to have been his romantic interest. Although, he has denied all such claims to be untrue. He has claimed that these rumors were started by attention seekers, whom he has no respect for.

He has done several covers of songs and uploaded them to YouTube. His voice is beautiful and is one extra reason for teenage girls falling for him even more.  Apart from his on screen acting, he is a regular as a stage actor and has several lead roles in theatrical production, some of which are Joseph in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat , West Side Story and You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown.

Coming to films he has starred alongside some of the biggest names in Hollywood, most popular of them being Robert Downey Jr in The Judge, where he plays the character of Eric. He was also cast in the Jennifer Lopez movie The Boy Next Door in 2015. He has had roles in other movies such as Alone Yet Not Done and Medeas.

His one major attribute which won him a lot of fans was that he was a cast member in the hit TV show Teen Wolf as young Derek Hale. He has also been featured in several episodes of Criminal Minds. Nelson has a few more projects that are coming out in late 2015 and early 2016. He has said he is currently very bust filing his upcoming projects, but cannot discuss any further about it due to contract restrictions.

The young actor’s personnel life has been kept private and away from the media. We do not know anything about his romantic interest or of his dating life so far. We do know that the young heart throb’s sexual preference is straight and he has dispelled several rumors citing him being gay.

Ian is a tall kid. At 19 years of age, he already has the height of 5”11 and an avid interest in Basketball. He has expressed his views on playing professional basketball by the year 2017. He is currently playing as a point guard for his College.

Ian is the son of Mark Nelson and Janie Nelson. He is one of four children for the couple. He has time and again mentioned his closeness to his parents and how he is ever grateful to them for giving him all the privileges that he has received so far.  Being a trained Dancer he has feature in the world famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in New York City for the last three years, which is a rare honor for a dancer his age.

Nelson isn’t very active on Instagram. On Twitter, he is a very active user having already tweeted over 3000 times. He can be followed under the username @ianmnelson95 on Twitter. His net worth has remained undisclosed by his talent agency.