Is ABC Anchor and your dream boyfriend David Muir actually gay?

HitBerryPublished on   03 Dec, 2015Updated on   23 Apr, 2021

Before we begin with the gossips of the town, if, David Muir is on your list of boys who you wished were your boyfriends, better cancel the name from the list. Well, firstly because he is most probably not going to meet you and you are not going to meet him. But even if you do, it is highly probable that you’ll not have a chance since buzz, David Muir is actually gay! Now wasn’t that a big news!!!!!

Muir wanted to be a journalist since his childhood and he certainly fulfilled his lifelong dream. He has one of the highest net worth in the industry, of $5 million, as well as a decent salary. He is a very big tweeter, with constant tweets on different issues and topics. Going with the twitter handle of @DavidMuir, he currently has more than 200,000 followers. He is also a very enthusiastic photo-manic, constantly posting pictures on Instagram. And like many of his fans who think his head always looks big, he actually poses that way. In an interview, Muir mentioned, “My heads not actually three times bigger. It’s just that my pose makes it that way”

Some quick tid-bits about Muirs life:

He takes the subway to work every day. Given that he is a New Yorker, that’s not surprising.

He has a taste for music, mostly Coldpplay. He says, “There are Radiohead days; there are Coldplay days. My assistants love the Chet Baker days.”

His favorite series includes House of Cards and Mad Men, which apparently reminded him of his childhood in Syracuse.

He mostly wears suits from Zegna, jeans from A.P.C., and sunglasses that are Randolph gold-framed aviators.

Muir joined ABC News back in 2003, apparently as an anchor for the overnight news program World News Now. On June 2007, he was appointed the host of World News Saturday. He also co-anchored Primetime. He has been a very dedicated journalist, often going to dangerous places. In September 2005, Muir was inside the New Orleans Superdome. He was reporting for the Hurricane Katrina and actually stayed in New Orleans throughout the hit to report on the unfolding humanitarian crisis. Not only this, he has also reported from the Israeli-Lebanon border on the Israeli war and was in Gaza in March 2007 to cover the Hamas coup. In October of 2007, he was sent to Peru after a disastrous earthquake had stuck the country.

Now coming back to the discussion on his love life, Muir was reported to have been dating Gio Benitez. But since Gio Benitez proposed to another guy amidst a great reception at Paris back in September, there have been rumors that Muir is seeing another guy (name unknown). He has kept this news away from the media and as said before, we still don’t know who he is dating currently. So, if you see gossips regarding his wife or girlfriend or some possible divorce or that he is married, that's pretty much untrue.