Is Abbie Cornish dating anyone after boyfriend Ryan Phillippe. Or she is married to husband? Know all

Abbie Cornish is an award winning famous Australian Actress in television roles. She has won the award for lead role in 2004 Somersault.

Abbie Cornish is also very popularly known as Dusk, as she is a rapper too. She has been rapping since 2000 under the stage name Dusk. In 2015 she released two songs, Way Back Home and Evolve featuring Jane Tyrrell are the very popular songs of Abbie.  



Abbie Cornish who has always been successful in her career cannot be said to be as successful in her relationship as she has been professional.

Abbie Cornish and Ryan Phillippe Relationship

Abbie and Ryan

Abbie and Ryan

Abbie and Ryan dated for three years from 2006 to 2010. This couple met on the set of the movie Stop-Loss. Abbie was also rumour to have a boyfriend after having a breakup with Ryan but he was unknown. Abbie and her secret boyfriend dated for quite a long time but her mysterious boyfriend are still unidentified.

Talking about Abbie and Ryan when in relation were really very happy with each other. They even lived together for quite a long time. This couple had a very fair and true love towards each other. They surely looked beautiful being together.



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After the breakup between Abbie and Ryan, Abbie moved out of their home, according to the report in, Ryan ended the relationship and asked her to move out of his house. And after the split, Ryan was seen going to nightclubs in regular interval and getting linked to other women.

Since then Abbie and Ryan moved in and Abbie was said to find out new love, on the other hand, Ryan got engaged. He got engaged to his love Paulina Slagter whom he was dating for some years.

After the engagement in 2014, they have got closer. Ryan and Paulina were seen out for a dinner in their Miami vacation.

Abbie Cornish current relationship status


Abbie Cornish was in relation with Ryan Phillips for a long time many people assumed that this couple will surely end up in marriage. This couple really seemed into each other and looked happy being together.

Unfortunately, Abbie and Ryan could not make their relationship last longer.  After Abbie moved out of Ryan's life she was told to be dating an unidentified guy for several months but it's not sure if the news was true or not.



Analysing Abbie Cornish activities she is single. She has been in many events but she is not spotted being with any individual who she has been emotionally attached.