Is 42-Year-old Amy Christine Dumas single or married? Know her affairs and dating history

HitBerryPublished on   22 Jun, 2017Updated on   22 Jun, 2017

Amy Dumas is a well-known American professional wrestler and a singer as well. The 42-year-old current WWE analyst keeps her personal life far from both; her fans and media so it creates curiosity in her fans whether she is married or still living a single life.

After being a public figure for so long years, she still hesitates to talk about her personal life with the public. However, today we have something to tell about her personal life and about the person she dating currently. Check it out.

Is Amy Dumas Married? What is her current Relationship Status?

No, Amy Dumas isn't married yet. The gorgeous American singer and pro wrestler didn't marry anyone and she is currently living a single life in San Francisco, California. Spending a whole life without any special relation is difficult and it's even more difficult for women.

The gorgeous American wrestler and analyst Amy Dumas The gorgeous American wrestler and analyst Amy Dumas, Source:

Living a happy lie with husband and having children with him is the most common dream of a woman. But Amy chose the difficult path of life. Probably she believes that living a single life provides her the sufficient time to focus on her profession and she is getting it indeed.

She currently makes her active involvement in three different part of professions; as a wrestler, a singer and a WWE analyst. It needs a great enthusiasm to run all three jobs at a time and it might be the reason behind her single life.

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Though Amy is living a single life, she linked in some kind of love relation in her past. It's just four or five years since she started living completely single. Before that, she dated a few number of her boyfriends. So let's know about Amy's previous relations and affairs.

Amy Dumas Previous Affairs and Relations

Having a love relationship with someone special really makes everyone happy. And the currently single wrestler Amy also indulged the relations with her boyfriends in her past. As per some source, the professional wrestler Amy dated Matthew 'Matt' Hardy as her first boyfriend.

Amy Dumas with her ex-boyfriend Matt Hardy Amy Dumas with her ex-boyfriend Matt Hardy, Source:

Amy started dating Matt in 1999 and she spent six good years with the wrestler before ending the relation in 2005. Recently in April 2017, Amy talked about the bitter end of her relation with Matt on Lilian Garcia: Making Their Way to the Ring.

In an episode of the widely popular TV show, she appeared after she was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2017. There she revealed her injured health condition mattered her personal relation with the wrestler.

Amy Dumas and her ex-boyfriend Edge Amy Dumas and her ex-boyfriend Edge, Source:

After her relation with her first boyfriend Matt ended, she had a relation with a renowned Canadian wrestler Adam Copeland better known as Edge. However, the relation couldn't last as long as her first relation as she broke him up after a year.

The tattoo girl Amy Dumas and CM Punk having fun with each other The tattoo-girl Amy Dumas and CM Punk having fun with each other, Source:

After her short relation with Edge, Amy developed the relation with few other guys. She dated a wrestler Shane Morton in 2008 but the relation ended within a year. Later, She had an affair with an American wrestler Edge since 2009. They spent a lot of quality time with each other before breaking up in 2013.