Is 41-Year-old Andy Milonakis Single or Married??

October 18, 2017
First Published On: October 18, 2017
by HitBerry

Able to make others laugh is a very rare skill. Only a few people are born with the talent and among them is our comedian Andy Milonakis. Not only he has been able to make people laugh with his amazing skill but also has amazed people by showing his talent as a writer, an actor and as well as a rapper.

Being extremely talented in his professional career, how successful is the 41-year-old Andy in his personal life? Learn everything you need to know about Andy Milonakis’s love life from this article. As he’s already completed four decades of his life, he must have found someone special on the way, keep on scrolling if you want to know everything in detail.

Is Andy Milonakis Single?

It is easier to spot celebrities who are single and who are in relationships. So, if a couple is seen together hanging out and holding hands or kissing, they are surely dating. Likewise, if a celebrity has a ring on their ring finger, they are surely engaged. And it goes on and on!

Andy Milonakis Andy Milonakis, Source: pigeons and planes

But it is not the case with our comedian, Andy. He is already 41 years old and has not been dating anyone till date that we know of. Rumors of him being gay also keep on surrounding here and there but there is no any proof that suggests so! Andy Milonakis has also signed with Endemol beyond USA For TV, Digital Deals.

So, either he keeps his personal life a mystery, or he might just be asexual? Well personally, I don’t think anything like ‘asexual’ exists. Because everyone has their pleasure point, everyone loves something, be it a person or a thing.

Andy Milonakis Andy Milonakis, Source: tube filter

Andy once made a song called, Suck Me Off To Drake Songs. Does this mean that he likes Drake? Well, apart from the song, he might just be waiting for ‘the one’ to appear in his life. In fact, what’s there to hurry? You will eventually be with someone whom you’re meant to be so I think it’s wise to just wait.

Why isn’t he married yet?

If you already follow Andrew, you must also know that he has had growth hormone deficiency since he was young. He was badly bullied by his friends at school. He still has a voice of kid although he is already 41 years old. However, he turned his weakness into strength and started making fun of himself and eventually became a comedian.

As I have already mentioned earlier that Andy hasn’t been with anyone till date, a possible reason behind this might be his hormone deficiency. Not everyone knows the worth of disabled. But let’s pray for a girl or a guy to come to his life who'd love him despite his deficiency.