Is 39 Years Anita Rani single or married, who is she dating currently?

HitBerryPublished on   11 Jul, 2017Updated on   11 Jul, 2017

39 years old Anita Rani is an English journalist, a TV news presenter, and a radio show anchor popular for her work with BBC. We all have the idea about her personality and profession but we know very less about her personal details.

So, today, we will be discussing her relationship and love affairs. To know all the mystery of her love affairs and relationship stay calm and read the whole story.

Is Anita still single or married?

Anita is much more possible to keep her personal details secret and out of reach of the public. She rarely shares her personal stuff with the media. Even though her millions of fans regularly follows her, she still managed to keep all of her personal life behind the curtains.  In the same way, she knows how to trick the media and kept everything out of sight.

Anita Rani Anita Rani    Source: dailymail

It's now been a new trend for the celebrity to keep their personal life secret, but no matter how hard they try it still gets revealed out. In the same way, Anita's personal details regarding her love affair and relationship are revealed out. Well, Anita is a married woman. But the exact date of her wedding is not revealed yet.

Anita Rani Anita Rani      Source: bbci

The lucky guy to marry her is Bhupi Rehal. As per sources, the couple dated for a long time but did not let anyone know about their affair. After dating for a long time, the couple tied the knot in the year 2010. No doubt, Rehal is very lucky to have a wife like Rani who perfectly balances personal as well as professional life.

Anita Rani's husband Bhupi Rehal Anita Rani's husband Bhupi Rehal

These love birds already celebrated their 6th marriage anniversary. But still, they don't have any children. Anita mentioned that she is much more concerned towards building her career, so hasn't planned for any children.

Till the date, there are no any news or rumors regarding divorce or separation ever published in the media. Moreover, there are no any of her past affairs or extramarital affair ever discussed. Looks like, the couple is happily enjoying each other's company.

Anita Rani and Gleb Savchenko

Remember the handsome partner of Anita, Gleb Savchenko from the Strictly Come Dancing? We all know, the chemistry of Rani and Savchenko is liked and praised by all. Hey before you take it into another sense, let me make you clear!

Savchenko is married to Elena Samodanova and is a father of a daughter, Olivia. In one of the interviews with HelloMagazine, Savchenko expressed his happiness to be blessed with two ladies in his life.

Anita Rani and Gleb Savchenko Anita Rani and Gleb Savchenko   Source: timeincuk

In the another hand, Anita clearly mentioned that she hasn't fallen for Gleb. Before the media could make any headlines regarding them, she explained:

“It’s not like my knickers are going to fly off just because he’s good looking. I have very good self-control and am very good at resisting. There will be no curses here. Just positivity. You get over what he looks like very quickly. When you’re sweating and exhausted, his looks are the last thing on earth you are thinking about. He’s a sensational dancer and a brilliant teacher. And I really want to learn so our partnership is perfect.”

Both Savchenko and Rani is happy with their respective partners. So, it won't be fair to make any rumors regarding their partnership.

Seems like, Anita Rani is happily enjoying her marital life with Bhupi Rehal without any rumors of divorce or separation issues.