Is 36-year-old Lamon Archey single or married? Is he dating anyone?

HitBerryPublished on   20 Jun, 2017Updated on   12 May, 2021

The full name of Lamon Archey is Lamon Dezjon Archey. He is an American actor and model, best known for his recurring role as Mason Wilder on "The Young and the Restless." He joined the cast of "Days of Our Lives" as Eli Grant in 2017.

Lamon Archey is all ready for "Can't Buy My Love." As Archey is tall, handsome and has an amazing body, he successfully attracted everyone towards him. People are now keen to know if the handsome hunk is married or not. Check out below…

36 years old Lamon Archey single or married?

It can be the bad news for the die-hard fans of Lamon Archey. 34 years old handsome Archey is already reserved and taken. He is engaged and committed to Mercedes Cornett. Cornett is also an actress best known for "The Bold and the Beautiful," "Catch Me If You Can" and "On the Edge."

Lamon Archey and Mercedes Cornett Lamon Archey and Mercedes Cornett  Source: instagram

According to sources, the couple first met at the fashion show in the year 2003. The couple started dating since February 2006. After around four years of their relationship, the couple exchanged their rings in 2010.

Source: instagram

Even though Archey and Cornett's fans regularly followed them, they still managed to keep their relationship out of paparazzi. There are no any headlines of their dating life or separation issues ever broadcasted in the media.

While surfing around their social media, both Archey and Cornett openly shared their pictures. Those posts clearly reflect their happy and healthy relationship. Seems like, the couple is totally enjoying their relationship and does not want to make any headlines regarding their relationship.

Source: instagram

Lamon Archey and Mercedes Cornett's Children

Lamon Archey and Mercedes Cornett has two kids in total. Archey also has a son from his previous relationship. After around three years of dating, Cornett gave birth to their first child, a son, Caden on July 9, 2009. Later, after three years, she again gave birth to their second child, a daughter, Gaia on May 29, 2012.

Source: instagram

Archey is also the father of another son, Machiah who was born in September 2002. As we previously indicated Archey is secretive about his personal life, he did not reveal the mother of his son Machiah. He did not disclose the exact details of it.

Lamon Archey and Mercedes Cornett with their children Lamon Archey and Mercedes Cornett with their children  Source: instagram

Even though Archey did not make any official announcement for his personal life events and never made any headlines, we will let you see the pictures of her children shared in an Instagram account. Looks like, he does not want to involve in any controversies.