Is 32-Year-old Josh Brener single or married, who is he dating? Know about his affairs

Do you watch "The Big Bang Theory"? If so then you might be common with the character of Dale in the show. Also, he is famous for appearing in the role of Nelson "Big Head" in the HBO comedy series "Silicon Valley." He is Josh Brener.

Today, we will disclose the relationship of Josh Brener. Check out if he is married or single or dating some at this particular moment. Check it out…

Is 32-year-old Josh Brener single or married?

Back in 2015, some reports claimed that "The Big Bang Theory" star Josh Brener wanted to tie the knot and live a life of married man. He also claimed that he wanted to have children and live a happy life. So, did he fulfill his wishes?

Many sites claim that Brener is single and not dating anyone. Brace yourself! Actually, "The Silicon Valley" star Josh Brener is a married man. He is married to Meghan Falcone and is happily enjoying a marital life.

Josh Brener and Meghan Falcone Josh Brener and Meghan Falcone  Source: instagram

Yes, you read that correct. Neither Brener is single nor dating anyone instead; he is spending his current moment with his wife. It's true that Brener is too secretive regarding his personal life thus did not talk about his wedding ceremony in the media.

Meghan Falcone and Josh Brener Meghan Falcone and Josh Brener  Source: instagram

His wedding ceremony did not make any headlines. Many people claim him as single and unmarried. Even though he did not reveal the date of his wedding ceremony, his wife (Meghan Falcone) posted a photo on January 8, 2015, on her Instagram. It looks like the couple tied the knot at the beginning of 2015. See their rare wedding photo…

Josh Brener and Meghan Falcone's Wedding Photo Josh Brener and Meghan Falcone's Wedding Photo  Source: instagram

It's been for almost two years that the couple tied the knot and their marital life is going smooth as silk. There are no any separation news or divorce issues of the couple. Brener tried hard to maintain a low profile regarding his marital life. He might not want to make any big issues or involve in any controversies.

Source: instagram

Source: instagram

Keeping all the personal life locked in the box, Josh Brener is happily enjoying a blissful marital life with Meghan Falcone without any divorce or separation issues.