Is 29 Years Hana Hatae Dating or Single? Find out her Affairs and Relationship

July 31, 2017
First Published On: July 31, 2017
by HitBerry

Do you remember a child actress in "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" who played the role of Molly O'Brien? She is none another than Hana Rebecca Hatae, professionally known as Hana Hatae.

People might have a clear idea regarding Hatae's professional life but what about her personal life? How many of you know if she is single or dating at the moment? Read the entire article to know if she is dating someone or still single:

29 years Hana Hatae still single or currently dating?

It's been a long time that Hana Hatae did not appear in any of the headlines or any shows. Now, her fans are keen to know about her private life. After appearing as Nurse Yagi in the movie "5th Passenger" and fan made series "Star Trek: Renegades", people grew their interest to know about her dating life.

Hana Hatae Hana Hatae   Source: modbee

While checking Hatae's Instagram account, she shares a couple of pictures with Thomas Olshan. She mentions Olshan in the heart symbol and it looks like they are dating. She even mentioned Olshan as her Monday Man Crush.  The exact information regarding their relationship is not revealed.

The photos posted on her Instagram account clearly reflect their happiness to have each other in their life. Hatae did not share the detail information about her relationship and did not speak a single word about it.

Speaking of Hatae's past relationship, there are no any rumors regarding her dating life and affairs. She has never been a part of controversies and is never linked with anyone. She might be happy with Olshan and dating him for a long time.

Short Bio on Hana Hatae

Hatae was born in Tarzana, California on July 15, 1988, as Hana Rebecca Hatae to Akira Hatae and Lisa Givner- Hatae. Hatae started her acting career at a very young age. She is a child actress who hit the spotlight after appearing in the role of Molly O'Brien on the television series "Star Trek: The Next Generation".

Hana Hatae Hana Hatae   Source: Instagram

Hatae first acted in the episodes of "Rascals" as Molly and later became a regular cast member of "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine". She then appeared in the episode of "Family Matters". After this, she stopped her acting career. She then along with his photographer brother Sammy helped their parent's failing restaurant and worked as servers.