Is 19 years old American actress Stella Ritter Dating Someone? Know her Sexuality!

Stella Ritter is the daughter of the late comic actor, John Ritter who died at the age of 54 because of an aortic dissection on Stella’s birthday. She stepped into the Hollywood industry, so lots of people are showing their interest in the relationship status of Stella.


Well, Stella is no more a girl because she has already changed herself into a male. She is now known as Noah Lee Ritter. After reading this you might have been shocked but it's the truth. To know more about Noah, keep on reading this page.

Stella Ritter went through a gender change 

Everyone was wondering after the Ritter’s sudden disappearing from the social media. But, in August 2017, all of Stella fan’s saw her transition into Noah Lee Ritter. The news made the fans go berserk.

[ CAPTION: Noah Lee Ritter ][ SOURCE: Facebook ]

Ritter's photo as a male became viral when he changed his profile picture, on Facebook. In the picture, we can see him with a beard.

After turning into Noah, is he involved in any kind of relationship?

It has been just a few time that Stella has changed her gender so maybe he is feeling difficult to adjust. It might have been the reason for his low involvement in the social media.

[ CAPTION: Private account of Noah Ritter ][ SOURCE: ]

With this difficulty, maybe he has not involved in any kind of relationship. We are pretty sure he will find the love of his life, who will love him as the way he is. But we are not so sure about his relationship status.

Would Ritter’s late father support the gender transformation?

According to some tabloids, Ritter’s transformation from female to male started when he turned to 18 years. In an interview with Ritter’s close friend, she revealed that Ritter took the decision when she was in high school.

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[ CAPTION: Noah Ritter's family ][ SOURCE: The Inquisitr ]

Although Ritter’s dad is no more alive, some source said that he would definitely support his daughter as he loved her and even it has become a common thing these days.

Overall, we can say, after the transformation of gender, Noah is keeping his personal life away from the limelight. So it’s very hard to say something about his personal life. But, after changing his gender, he might be happy about his life. We may see him in the white curtains very soon.