Is 19-year-old Maggie Lindemann single, If not, who's she dating?

HitBerryPublished on   25 Jul, 2017Updated on   10 May, 2021

As we have gone through lots of gossips on celebrities, here we are back again with other rumors that are floating around the internet. An American singer who is famous for her 2016 single debut "Pretty Girl" is not the shy in front of the media.  Apart from her singing career, this singer is famous for her off screen romance with other celebrities.

One of the youngest singer, Maggie Lindenman is just 19 years of age and dated several guys in her past. So who is she dating in recent days?

Maggie Lindeman dates in 2017

From the past few years, Maggi Lindeman's love life is a constant topic of discussion. As years passed by the rumors of her dating with another male keeps on making gossips on the internet.

The 18-year-old singer is spending lots of time with Youtube comedian Brendon Taylor. When Taylor started spending time with Maggie, everyone this youtube star found a new bae. After dating Viner Carter Reynolds, these two were seen getting pretty cozy at several videos posted on the Youtube.

The social media queen, posted a picture on her Instagram kissing the 21-year-old's comedian cheeks with a caption

I want you all to myself because I’m selfish,”

Don't you think they are more than a friend? However, Brendon Taylor posted a video  on his youtube channel with a caption He Cheated on His Girlfriend, But That Isn’t the Worst Part

But this was just a click bait. This video was just made for fun.

In 2017 there are no any rumors of this singer linked to any one so far.

Maggie Lindeman's relationship and dating history

Lindeman dated several guys in her past. After getting into the game, Maggie hit the news with her on and off a relationship. From the singer to youtube comedian Maggie partner kept dated handsome dude from past few years.

Maggie Liendman with Carter Reynold, source: images

Back in 2013, Maggie Lindeman dates Carter Reynolds and they got serious with their relationship. But sadly this couple didn't last for long as Maggie dumped Carter Reynolds after finding text messages to another girl.

Carter Reynold tweets after break up with Maggie Lindeman, source: superframe

In the same year, Carter Reynold admitted of texting other girls and cheating on Maggie on a YouNow stream. The situation got hyped that even Maggie threw out her rage on Carter saying

Tell Carter to SUCK my A**! Eff you Carter!”

Maggie Lindeman tweets after Carter claiming he is over with Maggie, source: superfame

These two took the social media to slam each other as they keep on fighting on twitter.

Maggie getting cozy with a new guy, Source: j14

In 2016, Maggie made headlines when she got cuddly with a guy on Snapchat. This lucky guy was  Mickey Barone. In the Snapchat, you can see them getting comfortable and Maggie giving a kiss on Mickey's cheek.