Irish Actress Victoria Smurfit opens up about dating again after her divorce with ex-husband Douglas Baxter

September 28, 2015
First Published On: September 28, 2015
by HitBerry

Everyone in this world once in his or her life goes through heartbreak. But when a couple gets divorced, the change one goes through is drastic. One needs to overcome emotional turmoil and trust issues, which have suffered a huge blow, before one can even think about dating again.

Many people take a long time off of their social life and spend time by themselves to re think their take on life. Scottish actress Victoria Smurfit went through a similar blow in her life when her husband of fifteen years divorced her. She had three children with her ex husband Douglas Baxter.

Victoria comes from one of the wealthiest families in Scotland and had a very privileged upbringing. Her ex husband Douglas was not only her long time boyfriend, but also her best friend for the most part of her life. The change was very troubling for her. She took complete solace from friends and family and spent most part of the past year by herself. Her only social interaction was restricted to her three children, whom she loves more than life itself.

She has also said that a few of her close friends were overwhelmingly helpful and she had never known their value like she did in this past year. “There were some“, she says, “no matter what time of the day I called upon them, and what they were doing, they left everything behind them and held me , telling me I hear you, I have got you”. She says those people have created a new foundation for her new world.

She has also mentioned that she hasn’t spent any money on therapy like most people do after such a drastic change in life. She has said that because of her friends and close family members, there was never any need for a therapist. “They were so helpful and helped me to get on with life.” She added

After her divorce, she has said it wasn’t exactly difficult settling down to the new life style she had to embrace. When her friends asked her to go out on a dates now that it had been over a year, she refused. She said “I am still skeptical about dating , but I have had some hilarious encounters which in some way helped to ease into the new way.”

Victoria has also said she does not want to date actors and instead would rather go out with someone normal. She has already got back to working and has starred in a bloody thriller called “Bait” and also produced an Independent movie, which had a lot of success at a number of film festivals around the world.

Victoria has three children, two daughters and a boy. Her husband was Douglas Baxter, whom she divorced in December 2014. She is just 41 years of age and already an established actress, one of the most popular to come from Scotland. She is a popular figure on Twitter with over 45K followers and can be followed @ VictoriaSmurfit.