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Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani's nude photo shoot and ensuing scandal might cost her her marriage and husband

August 24, 2015
First published on:August 24, 2015
by HitBerry

Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani has done it again. The actress, who was exiled from her homeland Iran for exposing her bare breasts in a photo shoot back in 2012, has provoked outrage after exposing her naked body once again for renowned fashion photographer Paolo Roversi in the French magazine Egoiste. The Iranian beauty is seen posing in front of the camera, gazing deeply into it, her curvy body slightly twisted and her hands cupping both her boobs. As soon as the black and white picture of her became public, the Iranian officials and the general people were extremely furious and bombarded her with criticisms.

Following her photo-shoot and the scandal, talks and rumors are going on about Farahani and her husband Amin Mahdavi. According to a German weekly magazine named as Spiegel, the actress is reportedly divorced with her husband Amin Mahdavi. The authenticity of the report is still not clear but as per the other media outlets, the hot girl is still happy with her partner. But their relation might in danger after the release of the nude image. Mahdavi has not commented on the matter neither is he available for interview but it is being said that he is deeply hurt and saddened by the step of his wife. After all, he has Iranian blood running in his veins. 

Farahani, aged 32, has considered Paris her new home after the banishment from Iran. She claims that the beautiful city had liberated her.

“France has liberated me. (Paris) is the only place in the world where women do not feel guilty,” she once told the luxury publication. “In the East, you are that (guilty) all the time. As soon as you feel your first sexual impulses.”

The controversial photograph of the actress came after the terrorist attacks against Paris publication Charlie Hebdo where about 12 people were brutally murdered because of the publications irrational act of mocking Muslim prophet Mohammed. And now many people and critics are saying that the next target of further attack would be Farahani herself.

“On a personal level Golshifteh Farahani may be inviting danger for herself, or more importantly for her family in Iran, but on a professional level the decision may lead to more roles,” Brown University sociologist, Dr. Hillary Friedman said. “More significantly, on a political level, whether or not you agree with nudity, her freedom to make this decision highlights choice that individuals and women have in countries outside of Iran and other similar nations in the Middle East.”

Kamal Nawash who is an attorney and the President of the Free Muslims Coalition, a non-profit organization that fights against terrorism said that posing naked isn’t the best way to revolt against the suppressing government or to support the women’s rights. He feels that such act only fuels the ideology of the opponents of the gender equality as they will point to the naked women like Farahani and argue with the Iranian parents about their traditional values that prevent their daughters from degrading.

He added, “This will be a powerful argument because most parents do not want to see their daughters posing naked.”

Farahani, being the most successful Iranian actress of all time, was the first woman from Iran to star in a Hollywood flick, Body of Lies alongside Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio. She recently appeared in latest Hollywood blockbuster Exodus: Gods and Kings. After the controversial photo shoot, the actress clarified that her intention were not bad and she didn’t want to provoke or shock anyone.

 “I hate politics,” she told The Guardian newspaper. “It is not my job.”

Farahani was exiled from Iran in 2012 as per the verdict of an official of the Supreme Court in the Islamic Republic for the scandalous black and white video with thirty other French film artists where she showed her right breast while promoting the Césars, French equivalent to the Academy Awards.

After the scandal, her family in Tehran was informed that if she returned to Iran then her breasts would be cut off and presented to her father on a plate. Now, the dusky beauty is being criticized from all around. The official Tehran-based news agency described her as the “hidden, disgusting face of cinema,” issuing a report. The culture ministry threatened her for not wearing a headscarf at the New York premiere of “Body of Lies” a few years back.

The Iranian government has not spoken about her photo shoot and neither has the actress. She has not posted anything on her Twitter and Instagram recently.


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