Ira Glass and wife Anaheed, married since 2005, might soon be adopting a baby

August 28, 2015
First Published On: August 28, 2015
by HitBerry

Ira Glass, who is the host of the radio show, "The American Show", is immensely happy with his wife Anaheed. His married life looks like a fairy tale. He got married to Anaheed Alan, who is a writer and an editor in August 2005 and they have a very strong bond with each other.

Glass and Alan have always been one of the happiest couple in the industry. But the couple, unfortunately, cannot become parents.  According to rumors, Glass's wife could not have children due to some health complication and at their age, it might be a bit too late for them to think about having children naturally. Following the reports, sources are asserting that the couple are planning to adopt and raise children together, as they have no other choice.

Glass and his better-half have been married for a decade and it is quite shocking that they have no kids yet.  They are currently thinking of consulting with a doctor about the condition and afterwards, might plan for an adoption.

Glass has always been seen as a strong personality. He is happily married to his dear wife and he is enjoying marital bliss with her. The actor has been married to his partner Anaheed Alan since 2005.  The couple recently celebrated their tenth year of marriage.

Despite being married, there are several rumors asserting that Ira Glass is gay. But this news is obviously nonsense, as he is having a great life with his wife.  All these information are just unfounded gossip.

 Ira Glass is an American public radio personality. He is the host and producer of various radio shows and one of them is, "The American Life". The radio show, "The American life" started airing in1995, by Public radio exchange services. The show gained more than 1.5 millions fan following on more than 500 radio stations in a couple of weeks. Listeners were always eager to hear the voice of Glass and due to him, the show was a big hit. On July 2013, the show completed its 500th episode. At the end of 2009, the show went off air.

Talking about his religion, Glass is Jewish. Regarding his religion, he has said, "It's not like I don’t feel I'm a Jew. I feel like I don’t have a choice about being a Jew. Your cultural heritage isn't like a suitcase you can lose at the airport. I have no choice about it. It is who am I. I can't choose that. It's a fact of me".

Glass seems very active on social media, as he has 162k followers on Twitter and just 4k fans on Instagram. He is new on Instagram, which might be the reason behind his low fan following. His salary has been estimated to be  $171, 224.