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iPhone 7 rumors, features to expect and release date: Missing Audio Jack

April 18, 2017
First published on:April 18, 2017
by HitBerry

The rumour of iPhone 7 and the leaked information is the peak news as of now. The design, built quality and other features might not be changed, but what changed is the port. The new leaked information denotes that iPhone no longer uses 3.5mm audio jack. So how can you listen when there is no jack available? Here is how!

Apple stepped forward to this conclusion in order to make few improvements, either to increase the design compatibility or to make device thinner.

This move by Apple was wildly criticised by people as ‘unacceptable’ while some chatter was awesome. If Apple is to change the design, there might be some genuine reason.

The missing headphone jack might be the better switch option as it becomes quite tangled while using. Though we have seen a lot of leaked contents, gossips and rumour about iPhone 7, facts that affirm the rumour is still unknown.

The recent leak of iPhone 7 case picture shows that there is no availability of earphone connector next to the charging port. That’s the usual position where iPhone had established the trend for earphone port. In its place, we see speaker grill. So, is Apple trying to increase loudspeaker experience rather than for headphones?

More about iPhone 7: Features to Expect

iPhone 7 caught up the ground of market just because of its leak; now we can classify how much of market share it could earn after release. The general assumption by people made clear about how the new iPhone looks like or what features the iPhone 7 will carry! Here are the summarised features of iPhone 7 for those who do not want to dig up with specs thoroughly.

  • Apple will probably release iPhone 7 in the fall. We can expect the same form factor as of its preceded model iPhone 6. Apple’s trend till now is releasing two or more models within a series. Hence, we can expect iPhone 7, iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s+ or more. Not the fact, but Apple might release iPhone 7 pro too.
  • iPhone 7 might come with a 4.7-inch screen for a normal phone with increasing size according to the parallel models. We can expect the size up to 6-inch max.
  • This new model will probably get a redesign, just like in rumour. The removal of a headphone jack is to make handset slimmer. For the in-ear sound, the set might use Bluetooth connector or two-in-one connectingjack from charging port.
  • For the battery backup, iPhone 7 is similar to its previous models. Jonathan Ive, current CDO [Chief Design Officer] of Apple Inc. made comments that Apple does not focus more on battery life. What it focuses is the design and built quality.
  • Apple planned to upgrade its storage capacity as 16 Gigs are not sufficient enough and are outdated. Apple is to offer iPhone 7 starting from 32 GB storage up to 128 GB. For those who want to increase its capacity more than that could use the new memory case by SanDisk.
  • Like of its older models, iPhone 7 supports USB Type C port, which is rather cool than its older type.
  • The display for this new model is competitive enough. Apple might increase the DPI [Density per Inch] along with its resolution. Also, the iPhone might get Apple’s Retina display for its plus and pro models.

Rumours Apart from Audio Jack

  • Screen with 3D support – Most probably NO.
  • 2.5D Curved Display – Little Chance.
  • Charging without Wire – Might be.
  • Waterproof – You Bet!

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