Insta Famous Naturi Naughton: 5 Things About Her

HitBerryPublished on   07 Aug, 2016Updated on   27 May, 2021

An actress with multiple talents and great personality; words  fall short to describe the beautiful and gorgeous Naturi Naughton. A 32-year-old, whose family originally hails from West Indies, Naturi has been literally killing it  on Instagram with more than 490k loyal followers. Despite her career as an actress, singer and a rapper, she is known to be a very private person. Here are five

Naturi’s relationship with her long time beau Ben

Through their Instagram, it is quite clear that Naturi has been in a relationship with her boyfriend Ben for more than 2 years. Ben, originally from Barbados, currently resides in New Jersey. Just last week, Naturi was seen in Barbados enjoying her holidays with her boyfriend and a few other friends.


We killed It on the Jet Skis today!Loving every moment w/ @bez34 @biguncletru & #melissafolkes#Barbados #happy #vacay

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Naturi as Tasha St. Patrick in the TV series Power

According to Hollywood Today Live, Naturi had to go through 4 auditions before she was cast as Tasha in the American crime-drama TV series Power. The show started as an underdog where the number of audiences was so low; but at the present, with the third season on the air, the series has already been renewed for two more seasons! Tasha, as a character is portrayed rather strong and genuine. She even had to go through a love chemistry test with Omari Hardwick who plays the role of Tasha’s husband.

Naughton’s music career since age 15

In 1999, Naturi, along with singers Adrienne Bailon and Kelly Williams formed a group named 3LW. They released their first single “No More” in 2000 which turned out to be a huge success. Consecutively, the band announced their debut album – 3LW in December 2000. The album was such a hit; at a very young the age, the group grabbed a wonderful opportunity to go for MTV tour along with Destiny’s Child, Nelly and Jessica Simpson.

Naturi shares her thoughts through ESSENCE!

Being a role model for a huge crowd, Naturi definitely has some tips and advice for her fans. According to Essence, her beauty tip for coloured women is: Don’t be afraid to experiment. Well, Naturi has set an example that women can be comfortable with anything they wear. Her best beauty advice is “Take care of your skin”. Naturi also has written articles for Essence where she shares her experiences and also warns people about the effects social media has on us. She furthers takes this opportunity to encourage black women to step up and choose their life.

Cat-fight between Lil Kim and NaturiNaughton

Naturi cleared up the air regarding the tension that had been created by rapper Lil Kim and actress NaturiNaughton when she made an appearance at VH1 Live! TV personality Marc Lamont Hill asked Naturi about Lil Kim criticising her during the Hip Hop Honours. Naturi answered with a simple query that she herself is unknown as to why Kim has been behaving in such manner.

“I am all about love and positivity” explained Naturi regarding the situation.

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Anchor Hill commented that Lil Kim had been upset with Naturi’s performance since she portrayed the role of Kim in the biographical movie Notorious. Naturi took her chance to explain the fact that she was new to the movie industry and it was just the beginning of her career. “I am a little black girl from New Jersey, why not support that?” she added.