Inside Kelis' Love Life: Who Has Been Part of Her Romantic Journey?

Kelis is an accomplished American singer-songwriter and chef. Her musical journey began at New York's Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts, where she honed her skills on the saxophone and earned a coveted spot in the Girls Choir of Harlem.

After graduating, Kelis joined the hip hop group Gravediggaz as a backing vocalist. Her talent caught the attention of music producers Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo, also known as the Neptunes, who helped her secure a record deal with Virgin Records in 1998.

Are Kelis Might And Bill Murray Dating Each Other?

Kelis and Bill Murray are reportedly in a relationship following a whirlwind romance. TKelis performed in London, with Murray seen supporting her from the side of the stage.

Sources reveal they've been spotted together at various shows and even stayed at the same hotel, hinting at a growing closeness since meeting in the US. Both having experienced personal loss - Kelis losing her second husband last year and Bill's estranged wife passing away in 2021 - they've found solace in each other's company.

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Bill was photographed attending Kelis's set at the Mighty Hoopla festival in Brockwell Park, South London, where they also shared a cozy moment backstage. During her performance, Kelis sang a selection of her hits, including "Millionaire," "Bossy," "Trick Me," and her renowned track featuring the line, "My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard."

Representatives for both Kelis and  Murray declined to comment on the relationship.

Kelis Might Was Married to Nas

Kelis and Nas started dating in 2002. They met at a party hosted by Diddy after the MTV Video Music Awards. Nas, who is nearly six years older than Kelis, approached her with a memorable pick-up line.

Kelis Kelis and Nas started dating in 2002.
SOURCE: Instagram

Nas asked her name, and when she told him, he said he had been wanting to make her his wife for years. Kelis, who had a crush on Nas as well, was thrilled and said she wanted the same. They took their time getting to know each other and kept their relationship private.

Nas proposed to Kelis in front of her friends and family at her mother's house on Christmas Eve in 2002. They got married in 2005 in Atlanta, Georgia, with Yara Shahidi, Nas's cousin, serving as the flower girl. Despite their hopes for a happy and lasting marriage, their relationship did not work out in the long run.

Kelis And Nas Divorced After Four Years

Kelis and Nas surprised fans when they broke up. In April 2009, Kelis was pregnant with their first child, and despite rumors of Nas cheating, he reassured everyone that they were not heading for a divorce. However, just a few weeks later, they announced their split. Kelis filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences, after being married for four years.

Their son Knight was born in July 2009. In December of that year, it was revealed that Nas would have to pay roughly $51,000 a month in spousal and child support, an increase from the $40,000 he had been paying since July. The financial and legal battles were just the beginning of their public troubles.

Kelis Accused Nas of Being Physically And Emotionally Abusive

Kelis made serious allegations against Nas, claiming he was physically and emotionally abusive. In a 2018 interview with Hollywood Unlocked, she spoke about the violence she experienced during her pregnancy.

Kelis revealed that if she hadn't been pregnant at the time, she might still be with Nas. Kelis described their marriage as having extreme highs and lows.

One factor in her decision to leave was seeing disturbing photos of Rihanna's abuse by Chris Brown, which reminded her of her own experiences. Kelis explained that she had bruises all over her body but didn't speak out at the time because she wanted to keep her relationship private.

Kelis waited nine years to speak publicly about the abuse. Nas denied the allegations in a series of now-deleted Instagram posts.

Kelis Was Romatically Involved With Mike Mora

Kelis found love again after their divorce in early 2010. In 2014, she married realtor and photographer Mike Mora. They had a son named Shepherd in 2015 and a daughter named Galilee in 2020.

More Kelis was married realtor and photographer Mike Mora.
SOURCE: Instagram

 Kelis made a significant lifestyle change by moving out of Los Angeles and buying a farm in Temecula, California, where she and her family grow produce and care for livestock. Unfortunately, tragedy struck in March 2022 when Mora passed away at the age of 37.

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