Injury plagued footballer Nate Solder showing much resilience, Solder and wife Lexi Allen also coping with son's cancer

December 1, 2015
First Published On: December 1, 2015
by HitBerry

If you are an American football fan, you most likely have heard about Nate Solder. Not only is he a great player, but in these last two years, he has come into the spotlight particularly due to his troubling health problems.

In 2014, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer and fought hard to start playing again only to be injured with a shoulder problem shortly. This has not helped him in his personal or professional life as it was also reported that his son was battling cancer. More on this later!

Solder attended University of Colorado, where he played for the Colorado Buffaloes football. During his four years stay, Solder played the tight end. During his sophomore year, Solder was asked to weigh up and shift from tight end to tackle. He soon played at the offensive line and became a crucial player for his college team. A professional contract was soon on the cards. He recently signed a contract for two years with his current team for the salary of $20 million. 

Besides being a great player, Solder is also a great person. He has travelled to Guatemala and volunteered there at an orphanage. He went to Italy during the summer to help rebuild a town and at the CU, he regularly participated in the "Read with the Buffs" and "Buffalo Hugs" programs. His altruistic works are praiseworthy. To see someone as helpful as Solder suffering through various ill-fated problems is saddening.

Solder is currently married to Lexi Allen, whom he met through a mutual friend. Allen works at the YMCA, another altruistic organization that helps children development. They recently announced that their son was battling a rare form of cancer in the kidney. The New Englan Patriot star talked about this at a charity event hosted by the Joe Andruzzi Foundation. According to ESPN, they wanted to draw attention to the rare disease termed as Wilms' tumor, which primarily affects young children under age 5. Their child, named Hudson, is still an infant and it must be very hard for both of them right now. We pray for the child’s speedy recovery.

Solder did post a picture on Twitter of his son being treated at the hospital. He then thanked all the supporters for their warm prayers and wrote in his twitter handle,

Thank you everyone ! support the #JAF -God is better than we can imagine

Solder, is currently out with a torn biceps injury dating back to October. He has also been nominated for this year’s Art Rooney Sportsmanship Award for showing great character as well as resilience on and off the field. The jury said that they were impressed by how he coped with his personal problems and thus decided to put him into nominations.

Solder has previously won the Ron Burton Community Service Award. Now, he is busy caring for his 4-month old son. We understand that Solder and his wife are going through a hard time. We pray for their son’s safety and wait for the good news.