'Infidelity is the single reason' why Khalilah Camacho-Ali and Mohammad could not last forever: Mohammad is a real chic-magnet

Muhammad Ali the great boxing legend whose demise on this June 3rd was heartache for all the boxing fans. The professional American boxing legend seemed to be confused about+ his love life though that is why he married four women and even had extramarital affairs with different ladies.

Ali’s first wife, waitress Sonji Roi with whom Ali married after 1 month of their first meeting but Roi’s objections to precise Muslim culture in regard to dress for the women lead them towards the breaking of their marriage.

His second wife Belinda Boyd, who converted her religion to Islam as Ali’s religion and she was named Khalilah Camacho Ali. The couple together had four children: Maryum, twins Jamilah and Rasheeda and Muhammad Ali, Jr.

One of the old pictures of Muhammad Ali and Khalilah   Source: bonsbaisersdemiami.com

In the case of Khalilah, she trieher best to save their 10 years of marriage but she bent down her knees in front of Muhammad Ali. Though having an ongoing marriage relationship, his attraction was high towards other ladies.

Being in a marital relationship also, he had two children from extramarital affairs.  At the same time, he had an affair with his going-to-be wife Veronica Porche.

Ali’s attraction towards ladies seems higher. He was really a chic magnet. And unfaithfulness of Muhammad Ali leads the marital relation towards the break up though Khalilah tried her best to save it.

Even though Ali betrayed Khalilah, she considers him as a good husband and a better man and had a wonderful married life with him.

However, he married 3rd wife Veronica Porche ending his marriage with Khalilah and had two children with her. His attraction did not end here. He again married his fourth wife Yolanda Williams who was his friend since 1964 and they had one adopted son Asaad Amin.

Even a girl named Kiiursti Mensah- Ali claimed herself as the biological daughter of Ali Barbara Mensah, with whom he had 20 years of relationship. The story of Ali’s extramarital affair seems to be never ending.

This was an entangling love life of Muhammad Ali. But keeping aside his personal life, he would be always respected for his best boxing contributions.