Ines Sainz's career, net worth and husband Hector Perez Rojano

HitBerryPublished on   15 Jun, 2016Updated on   20 Apr, 2021

Ines Sainz beauty with brains,.Ines is a Mexican sports journalist who also works with the English Language of box match hostage.

This Mexican beauty was born on September 20, 1978. She additionally maintains her personality after marrying hot guy Hector Perez Romano who is the television producer. 

Her husband and Ines Sainz were married in 1998. Their bonding is so strong that they were seen together in every event. They do not have any unwanted record about their marriage.

Ines Sainz husband Hector Perez Rojano is a good looking guy. He has got good jaw line and got the height of almost 6 feet. Hmmmm.. Tall and Handsome! Now I come to know how Ines Sainz  for him he has impressive looks maybe this is the reason why she is being such a faithful wife for this long.

They have 4 children: Maria Ines, Their Eldest daughter Hector their son , Eduardo their another son and Maya is their youngest daughter. The most amazing this is how she maintain her body even after having 4 children.

No one will believe that she is the mother of 4 children. Actually, she looks that awesome.

Talking about her childhood she grew up in Mexico City. She has tomboy character and has a twin brother She got the black belt at the age of 14. She was involved in different sports at her young age. 

In her professional time, once she was featured as a ‘Bad girl’ in one of the articles which created more controversial because of the swimsuit that she wore.

Talking about her appearance she got a good personality, after meeting her or talking with her for the first time, anyone can fall for her because of her better looks.

She encouraged her to be smart and active. Even in a modeling field she supported her.

She completed her graduation from the Universal sied de; Valle de Mexico which is in Queretaro. She is an independent lady who earns a lot.


              Stunning Ines Sainz was captured when she was busy with her work.

Her net worth is 4 million dollars, after knowing this any normal guy want to fall for her. She is one of the richest and sexiest journalist of 2016.

Going back to her professional life once again she was ignored by Lionel Messi while interviewing and that was super embarassing.

She is best known for her hard working and her dedication to her own professions.