Indiana Evans relationship or is she single? Know About Her previous relations

April 30, 2017
First published on:April 30, 2017
by HitBerry

You might be familiar with Indiana Evans. She is an Australian actress, singer, and a songwriter. Evans garnered fame through her roles as Matilda Hunter in Home and Away and as Bella Hartley in 2O: Just Add Water. Here, find out about Indiana Evans relationship.

Most of us know about Indiana's career in acting. But we might be unaware of her personal life. Her fans really want to know who Indiana is currently dating. As she doesn't really share her personal life or love life, it gets little difficult to tell.

Indiana Evans relationship. Who is her boyfriend?

The New South Wales-born Australian actress is just 26. So, currently, she doesn't need to bother about her personal life. According to the sources, the actress Evans isn't dating anyone currently.

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Actress Indiana is also active on social sites like Instagram and Twitter. But we rarely see her posts that can indicate she is in a relationship currently. Relying on her photos she uploaded, we can only predict that she is just enjoying her singleness and focusing on her career.

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

These days we see a lot of entertainment celebrities getting involved in love affairs. It's not unusual as they remain close to each other for a long time during their shooting. But still, she is not showing her eagerness getting involved in a relationship.

Actress Indiana Evans worked with the Hollywood star Phillippe and Juliette Lewis in 2014. She then worked in the American remake of the Channel Ten drama series Secrets & Lies. Her role in the series gained a good review and after the series, she was also rumored being hooked with Lewis. But no one could prove it.

Indiana Evans' Previous Love Affairs

The gorgeous Australian diva Indiana started her affair with Rhys Wakefield in 2006. Rhys, an Australian actor, and Indiana remained in a relation for a short period of time. 9 or 10 months after their encounter, they ended their relation.

Indiana Evans and Rhys Wakefield during their happy time Indiana Evans and Rhys Wakefield during their happy time, Source:

After Evans broke up with Wakefield, she got into a relationship with an Australian actor Lincoln Lewis. She couldn't remain in the relation for a longer time either. She left the relation after dating him for about a year.

People once believed that Evans at one point dated the 38-year-old Welsh Actor Luke Evans. The rumor swirled around the air during 2008. But, it remained only as a rumor as she never addressed the fact.

After moving through a few number of relations, Evans made her mind to go through a long-term relation.  She found Angus McLaren, an actor to spend her time with. Indiana began her relation with him in 2009.

Indiana Evans and her ex-boyfriend Angus McLaren Indiana Evans and her ex-boyfriend Angus McLaren, Source:

The couple first met each other during their work on the fictional drama "HO: Just Add Water". After the film, they increased their closeness and later they started dating each other. They shared various romantic times with each other, but sadly, they broke up in 2012.