Indian Youtube Celebrity Bhuban Bam Talks about His Success Story and Tells how to deal with Haters

Bhuvan Bam, an emerging YouTube comedian-singer is at the height of success.Bam's success story is inspiring for sure. He started his youtube journey since 2015, and so far it's been a ride. With over five million YouTube subscribers, he now knows the formula for fame. And this new year Bam brings his new single song, Sang Hoon Tere.

Let's know the Delhi Boy's story and his rise to the fame adapted from Hindustan times:

Bhuvan shared

The whole year  2017 was a rollercoaster for me. Starting from the Hindustan Times Game Changer Awards, I had some really amazing highs. One of my videos crossed 10 million views in eight days. These achievements are all the more special because it is all organic. No one is pushing my content and it’s all word of mouth. This has made me believe that if you have content and are talented, then social media is the best way to polish it

Bam is now one of the biggest celebrities and 2017 further proved his fame as he crossed five million subscribers on youtube recently.

He further on reaching five million subscribers said

“It was at a conference in Los Angeles, some months back, to talk about my journey. The panel had stalwarts like [American] rapper Snoop Dogg and American TV show host Conan O’Brien. The audience was made up of 3,000 Google employees. During the conversation, I spontaneously said ‘By December, I will have five million subscribers’. At that time, I had 3 million subscribers. I didn’t realise it would come true,”

With the rise of Bhuban people now know how big of a platform youtube has become. Nowadays even the big fish "Bollywood" opts for web promotion and shares its trailer and other contents on youtube. Bhuban in past has shared his thoughts on this and has also shared that he wants to join Bollywood if given an opportunity.

Let's know what he shares on his skyrocketing fame

Well, the celebrity shares that he is losing focus more than ever due to his fame. He further adds it's still hard for him to believe in what he is experiencing.

Here is what he said about the booming fame:

I am is still that college lad who is scared about his future. When you start thinking about fame, it diverts your attention]. It’s a very fragile field; people have so many options now. If you are not there for even a month, people will move on,” 

Bhuban on being asked about the hate comments and trolls he further said its obvious to get hate comments for anyone who is using his fame for a positive cause so only thing anyone can do is ignore and move on.

He said:

“I try that one in every 10 videos has a social message, The first question they asked me in Japan is how do you deal with hatred. Problem is the same everywhere just language differs. So, the best way to deal with it is to ignore and move on.

The key formula of Bhuvan's success is the tuning he has with his audience and is using his social media as a platform to spread a positive message and says the relatively plays a great role in creating contents.

He says

He’s also using his fan following to create a positive impact on social media. “My audience is around my age. So, the relatability factor is there. Kids tend to get this idea that everyone around them is no good. So to talk to them in a language they understand is very important. They listen to me because they feel that their brother is talking to them,”