Indian Music Director Anu Malik Married with Anju Anu Malik,Living happily with his children

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Anu Malik is an Indian singer, music director, producer and actor who debuted as a music composer in the industry in 1980. Anu Malik is best known for his nonstop Sayari and because of his shear passion; he has got the ability to compose a song in around 30 minutes.

Anu Malik has appeared in many musical reality shows as a judge or any supervisor. Everyone must be keen to know about the marriage life of this Sayari Baaz singer, isn't it? Here are few informations on how their marriage life is going and how happy they are with their children. Find out.

Anu Malik and Anju Anu Maliks' Marriage Life

Though Anu Malik is one of the most popular celebrities in the Bollywood town, he has always managed to keep his personal life out of the media. The marriage date or any pictures of Anu Malik and Anju Anu Malik has not been revealed till the date. Also no any gossips regarding their marriage life are ever published in the news. 

The whole Bollywood Town or any media have ever spoken a word regarding their marriage life. No any conflicts till the date have ever published in the news too. Through these facts, it’s proven that the marriage life of Mrs. Malik is going smoothly without any disturbance and the couple seems to be happily involved with each other.

Anu Malik with his wife Anju Anu Malik

Anu Malik with his wife Anju Anu Malik

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Anu Malik and Anju Anu Maliks' Children

Anu Malik and Anju Anu Malik is blessed with two daughters. Ada Malik and Anmol Malik are the two daughters of Anu Malik and Anju Anu Malik. Anju Anu Malik gave birth to their first daughter on February 5, 1990. As previously we have explained that Anu Malik has not revealed any personal information, the date of birth or the age of the second daughter Ada is not made public.

However, Anmol Malik is an Indian playback song writer and singer of Bollywood films. Anmol Malik is best known for her song named "Talli" from the movie Ugly Aur Pagli.

Anu Malik with his family

Anu Malik with his family

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Anu Malik's Controversies

Anu Malik is best known for his two controversies. Anu Malik once had a verbal fight with Mika Singh on the set of the reality show when Mika came to promote his movie "Loot". There were also the controversies blaming the Anu Malik for copying songs from various movies like Deewane Huye Paagal, Auzaar, Murder, Kareeb etc.

Anu Malik

Anu Malik

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